Amanda (14 July 2011)
"For:  Beverly and Dave Hasselbeck & to all doves to read"

Hello to you both,

Beverly your situation with your husband avoiding wanting to hear about the rapture I can completely relate to because I truly believe my husband's saved but really does not want to hear about the rapture.  He feels it gets him depressed this his life here is over.  He also believes it will happen and has seemed to warm up about it but sometimes he can get annoyed with me even reading about the rapture or being on Five Doves.  

Dave about your wife just like I said to Beverly about my husband I truly think it intimidates them if that's the right word.  I think we all can have the fear inside, sometimes I will get scared when I think of the in between of the rapture of being here and then what happens between that and getting there.  But I'm trusting when the Lord told me in December of 2008 "I will remove you", that Jesus will safely bring me to Him.  I'm with you with feeling disconnected to this world.  
Sometimes when I step outside I look at the sky saying where are you?  I hear a thunderstorm and think is this it?  A loud boom from a firework and think....He's coming!! and want to start screaming and then find myself being around others who have no idea or care to.  I truly hope and keep praying for my husband who is saved but does not believe its anytime soon.  I hope like you said many who are unaware will be raptured.  I praise the Lord that He awoke me in the spring of 08' with His voice in the middle of the night, visions, and His Holy Spirit speaking telling me He's coming soon!!!

I have really disconnected to this world.  Not that it's bad to watch but I use to keep up on American Idol shows but this past season I may have watched 2 episodes.  I feel like I'm distracted or just drawn to us leaving soon.  I barely watch T.V. anymore and yes it's my daily coffee reading Five Doves and talking with all of you from all over the world!!    I keep trying to go on with my life because I have to but yet find myself saying should I buy this...etc.

Next month we are completely remodeling our kitchen and it's been hard to have my heart totally in the planning because I feel like we are going home soon.  I do know that if I stopped planning things, my house would have been very messy since about 2009 when I first started thinking that could be the year..ha!  

Keep going BUT know its near!!!

Love to you both and all the Five Doves here,