Amanda (14 July 2011)
"Scissors vision (again)"

Hello all,

I feel the need to post about my scissors vision which happenned one night last week late at night.  I had a scissors vision some time last year seeing scissors come down from the ceiling but this one last week seemed more graphic and in COLOR so it seems to me something is closer to really happenning.  I seem to associate the scissors with everyone putting pressure on Israel to divide or Jesus getting ready to give bigger judgements.   Just thought I'd pass on this vision.

Really feel its this month of July.  Last August the Lord said to me "last time in July".  I thought that meant for last July (2010) but maybe He meant NOW!   Also someone here on Five Doves sometime last year posted that she was told in August of 2010 the rapture would happen in less than 1 year.  I'll tell you that little girl's dream/vision of the shuttle and being told rapture in July is just so amazing!!!

p.s.  The Lord whispered to me in prayer last night..."Amanda"-"soon".

Hope to see you all very soon,