Allan (19 July 2011)
"Sherry B's Prayer Request"

Hello John n Doves!

Regarding your prayer request, Sherry B, let's believe Our Heavenly Father for a miracle! A miracle of a 180° turn in your daughter's life, Heaven-bound.
Let's pray believing, trusting and knowing that Our Heavenly Father hears us, is compassionate towards us, and is well able to deliver. (John 6:44 and 45)
Let's believe that God is wrapping beautifully a wonderful gift, the miracle of Salvation, with an express delivery any moment now. Get ready to sign the delivery form!
Let's believe Our Heavenly Father will give us a miracle so big, it will change the lives of those around her.
In the meantime, Habakkuk 2:3 may be the email from Heaven to you confirming shipment of your gift!
Seen John 14:13 and 14? It says there's One who is handling the arrangements on your behalf.

May the Lord watch over your family and bless each one. May He sustain you all in Him and ready you for that Glorious Day Of Light!

Blessings all doves.
Praise The Lord!