Alan Clark (4 July 2011)
"Re:Raul D- Nibiru is nearer than we think (and Ed Dames)"


Ed Dames claims that all of his information comes from "remote viewing". He is getting his information from occult sources. Pray for him. He's on his way to eternal destruction. The input he has comes from demons.

Major Ed Dames has claimed that he has remote viewed Satan and was surprised that Satan acted like he could see him. He says this is unlike his usual remote viewed subject.

Ed Dames- from Wikipedia

Dames was one of the first five Army students trained by Ingo Swann through Stage 3 in coordinate remote viewing. Because Dames' role was intended to be as session monitor and analyst as an aid to Fred Atwater [35] rather than a remote viewer, Dames received no further formal remote viewing training. After his assignment to the remote viewing unit at the end of January 1986 he was used to "run" remote viewers (as monitor) and provide training and practice sessions to viewer personnel. He soon established a reputation for pushing CRV to extremes, with target sessions on Atlantis, Mars, UFOs, and aliens. He has been a guest more than 30 times on the Coast to Coast AM radio show.[36

Raul D  (2 July 2011)
"Nibiru is nearer than we think and a dream"

Greetings Doves,

Yes I believe July is it for the church, sometime between July 8- 31.
we cant egnore the signs,  its near.
John 3:12 (King James Version)
If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?
The Killshot Commercial - Major Ed Dames. 1 minute video about a shuttle being a sign of events to come.

quote from video below regarding Nibiru/Elenin
" to attain break away speeds ( from our orbit ) when it comes around the back side of the Sun ( Nibiru's ) speed will at least double, possibly more which will put it ( Nibiru ) here earlier than everyone is saying it will."
what about July instead of September, if Nibiru doesnt speed up in order to attain break away to leave or sun, it will get stuck orbiting our sun, it never got stuck before so it will speed up and come earlier, so it cant come in September like Nasa says it will but July is more right in time, like Victoria was told. look at Ed Dames sees awful events will start to happen after a shuttle is forced to return to earth.
The Red Devil Planet Revisited
time will reveal soon if July is it, I believe it is. The signs are saying yes.
Mideast Quartet to hold summit in Washington on July 11 and present new international peace plan.
the headline below is to connect it to my daughters new dream of aliens
UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors'
On Sunday June 26, Victoria my daughter had another dream, she was holding the Lord’s hand and was on the moon again just outside the Moon city, she seen new looking aliens there in the moon now, with big black eyes and black bodies they looked like monsters she said, and others are human looking with blonde hair which these aliens are there also. Theres A big Alien family reunion in the moon, happening now for some reason. There were millions of ships there, she said, and she told me she was shown these ships on earth also.
Could this be what some Christians are talking about the big lie the great deception sometime before or after the rapture the aliens will show up to take credit for the disappearance of multitudes ? Victoria was shown this for some reason, I believe its to warn who will read this that the aliens are getting prepared, uniting in big numbers now, because the time for the rapture is near. Are the aliens preparing to evacuate the moon due to the impact on the moon sometime in July. there teaming up and preparing for something. when the moon gets struck where will they go, what will happen to there city up there?
Raul D