Alan Clark (25 July 2011)
"Comet Elenin & Nibiru - The End Times Destroyer"

After the the revealing show of 7-12-11 below:

Show description below:

Nathan's Watchman's Cry Program #41
"Comet Elenin & Nibiru - The End Times Destroyer"
Show Topics:
Nathan Interviews Augusto Perez / Augusto shares his findings about Elenin.
Will Elenin bring three days of darkness this fall?
Elenin is found in the sky! Is she really that big?

Is Elenin only Act One ? With more coming in 2012!

It's time to review a show  from 2-14-10 that stated 2011 to 2017 would produce earth disasters from approaching objects.

The show description is below:

Message 145 - Scorched Earth: Pole Shift / 2012 - Benjamin Baruch Interview
"The Earth Shall Reel to and Fro" - Isaiah 24:20
Benjamin shares findings of meeting with Plasma Astrophysicist!
Solar activity is going to become unstable in next few years.
Calamity of Pole Shift . Coming EMP blasts from the sun.
Destruction of EPIC proportions and the END of western civilization.
The Great Tribulation Approaches.

The Remnant shall be purified.