Paul N. F. (30 Jan 2022)

    By A. W. Tozer
    Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light
    unto my path . . . I will keep thy righteous
    judgments.                         Psalm 119:105-106
        What is God saying to His human creation in our day
    and time?
        In brief, He is saying, "Jesus Christ is My beloved Son.
    Hear Him!"
        Why is there rejection?  Why do men and women
    fail to listen?
        Because  God's  message  in  Jesus  is  a  moral
    pronouncement.  Men and women do not wish to be
    under the authority of the moral Word of God!
        For centuries, God spoke in many ways.  He inspired
    holy men to write portions of the message in a book.
    People do not like it, so they try their best to avoid it
    because God has made it the final test of all morality, the
    final test of all Christian ethics.
        God, being one in His nature, is always able to say the
    same thing  to  everyone  who  hears  Him.  Christian
    believers must know that any understanding of the Word
    of God must come from the same Spirit who provided the

    Yours in Christ,
    Paul N. F.