Luis Vega (30 Jan 2022)
"DAY OF VISITATION CALCULATION - Triumphal Entry of Jesus"


Based on Royal Decree from Persia

by Luis B. Vega

‘As Jesus approached Jerusalem and saw the City, He wept over it and said, If only you had known on This Day what would bring you Peace! But now it is hidden from your Eyes. For the Days will come upon you when your Enemies will barricade you and surround you and hem you in on every side’. -Matthew 19:41-43 

The purpose of this study is to present the precise Mathematical Calculation of when the ‘Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem’ was given. With modern Computer Software, one can more than ever accurately calculate such a Day, Month, Year and even correlate them Astronomically. There is ongoing debate as to all the suppositions and not all will agree. However, based on the Biblical Facts and Figures, one will present the results based on such a Calendar Conversion. It will dispel a Crucifixion Date of 33 AD as it does not add-up. Why is this important? It is because Jesus held the Nation and the High Priests accountable for the Day of His Visitation. And not only for this Prophecy given to Daniel in Babylon but for when Jesus was to also be born, in Bethlehem, Ephrata of Judea.

Having the correct ‘Start Date’ will then synchronize all other Dates. Thus, given this Calendar Calculation, based on an Astronomical Marker, presented in the Study becomes in sync with the more accurate Date of the Crucifixion, Burial, Resurrection and start of the Church Age. Moreover, it would then corroborate, that indeed Jesus was born on Rosh Hashanah in -3 BC. Why it becomes important is that perhaps Jesus’ 2nd Coming will also coincide with a Rosh HaShanah Feast based on a similar Calendar Calculation. It so happens that in 2029, September 11, 2029 occurs on Rosh HaShanah and 2520 Days prior, the new 7-Year Sabbath Cycle begins in the Fall of 2022. This study strongly suggests that this could be Daniel’s Final 70th Week of Years or what the Believers and Followers of Jesus refer to as the Tribulation Period, etc.  


And if it is the case that the Church Age started in 32 AD, then perhaps, the 1 Day to 1000 Year ratio could be in place. Then from 2022 to 32 AD, there has been now 1990 Years out of the 2000 Years or ‘2 Days’ to finish the Church Age. A difference of only 10 Years. The following Calculation is based on 32 AD + 2000 Years = 2032, the difference of only 10 years would result in the Year 2022. Or, if 2032 is subtracted the 7 Years of that 70Th Week of Years per Daniel, the Year would be 2025 at the latest. Thus, one contends that the Royal Decree to ‘Rebuild Jerusalem’ by Artaxerxes Leguminous I (465 to 424 BC) did take place in -445 BC. However, one strongly suggests that it could not have happened prior to the Spring Solstice as that would off-set the Astronomical Calendar to accurately calculate the 1st Month of the Jewish Calendar. The 1st Month is determined Astronomically by when the 1st New Moon occurs after the Spring Equinox. 

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Any Date thus, prior to a March 20 of any given Year will render inaccurate Date Calculations thereafter. One contends that the more accurate Day of the Proclamation by Artaxerxes would have followed the tradition of Ancient Decrees to occur in tandem with the Astronomical Time Markers, such as the Equinoxes and Solstices. Consider the following suppositions. One postulates that the actual Decree occurred on the Spring Solstice, March 20, -445 BC. With this reference point, the Day Count of the 173,880 Days would result then in April 10, 32 AD. This would rather be the exact Day Jesus rode on the Donkey through the Golden Gate of Jerusalem. This was 'The Day of the Visitation'. The 173,880 Days variable is derived by the following calculation.

@ 69th Week of Years x 7s of Years = 483 Years @ 360 Days = 173,880 Days

Consider that April 10, 32 AD, when also aligned with the Astronomical Synchronization of the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox would put the Day of the 10th in April of 32 AD as a Saturday or the Sabbath; not a Sunday. Jesus prophetically fulfilled the Typology of needing to have the Passover Sacrificial Lamb be endeared with the People in their Homes and then be examined by the High Priest for a duration of 4 Days. This Timeline would then suggest that April 14, 32 AD was indeed the Passover, on a Wednesday or in the ‘Midst of the Week, to be Cut-Off', but not for Himself.

And that then 3 Days later, as per the Sign of Jonah, Jesus would be exactly 72 Hours in the ‘Belly of the Earth’ and Resurrect precisely at the end of that 72nd Hour. This leads to the understanding that Jesus rose not on a Sunday but the Sabbath, as Jesus' Day of Visitation was not on a ‘Palm Sunday’ but rather ‘Palm Saturday’. The following is the Mathematical Date calculation based on the CalendarConvert website.

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Start Date:
March 20, -445 BC
(Spring Solstice Decree on Astronomically Time Marker.)  


End Date: April 10, 32 AD
(4 Days prior as Passover Lamb to be Inspected 4 by People and High Priests.)
April 14, 32 AD = Passover 

Using a Calendar to work out the difference Date-to-Date can be difficult and time consuming. A B.C and A.D Calculator is an automated program used to calculate the difference from a specified Date to another. Date Calculators use Programming Functions and Formulas to calculate the Time Differences.

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476 years, 0 months 21 days 

24,840 weeks 0 days 

= 173,880 Days 

>From and including: March 20, -445 BC 

To, but not including: April 10, AD 32 

Calendar systems used: 

March 20, 445 BC 

Proleptic Julian Calendar 

April 10, 32 AD 

Julian Calendar 


Date & Time Difference 

476                              Years  

5,712                           Months 21 days 

24,840                         Weeks 0 days 

173,880                       Days 

4,173,120                    Hours 

250,387,200                Minutes 

15,023,232,000           Seconds 


As one can attest, if the Spring Equinox is used as the Starting Point, then the Mathematical Calculation would appear to exactly match the Day, Month and Year one is suggesting was the more accurate ‘Day of Visitation’ by Jesus. This would also dispel the notion that Jesus was Crucified on April 3, 33 AD during a Friday Death and Burial. If so, then a 72-Hour duration is Mathematically Impossible. And if Jesus was born in -2 BC, as the same sort of People espouse instead of -3 BC, He would have been 35 Year Old in 33 AD.  


Lastly, those who are adamant about Jesus only having 1 Year of Ministry are Prophetically Mesopic. Only because the Gospels may appear to only document a series of Feast is not a way to either prove or disprove the length of Jesus’ Ministry. It could have been the case that Jesus’ Last Year of Ministry was rather Highlighted. This is reasonable and plausible to assume but not make it a pseudo-Doctrine. Why? There is evidence of certain Feasts occurring in at least more than 1 Years’ worth of Time.

It may be circumstantial, but a Rabbi had to be 30 Year of Age to take on Disciples. Thus, be this a mere Jewish Condition, if Jesus was 33 Years Old at the time of His Crucifixion, that would lead one to reasonably and logically assume that at least a duration of 3 Years would have passed. What many who have come-up with these non-rationale assertions are only doing is contributing to the Vein Imaginations of Man based on faulty Philosophies to be falsely taught.

But thanks, that there are modern tools like Computer Software in both Astronomy and Calendar Converting to counter this error. As it has been demonstrated, one strongly suggests that letting the Computer Software and Astronomical Calculations determine when exactly was Jesus’ Day of His Visitation. And if so doing as demonstrated, it points to the alternative Date Count that many have alternately presented in the past. They confirm Jesus was born in -3 BC, on Rosh HaShanah.

It confirms that indeed, Jesus’ Day of Visitation occurred on April 10, 32 AD. That He then was Crucified and was Buried on Passover, a Wednesday on April 14, 32 AD. That Jesus rose then from the Dead exactly 72 Hours later on the Sabbath, April 17, 32 AD. And that 32 AD was when the Church Age was ‘activated’ by the sending down of God the Holy Spirit to enable the Church Body to carry-out the Royal Commission with Authority and Power. What this all means?

It is that as the Birth, Death of Jesus’ 1st Advent and Day of Visitation were all to the Day realized and Prophetically Fulfilled…and the Commencement of the Church Age also began on a specific Day, Month and Year, so will the Promise of Jesus to ‘Extract’ His Bride from Earth be the same in terms of Calendar Calculations. The point being that one can have a more accurate sense of when that Last Week of Years, Daniel’s 70th will commence and also end with the Return of Jesus, with His Bride as the Day, Month and Year approaches.

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32 AD Passion Week Calendar

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