Garry B (30 Jan 2022)
""THE TRIBULATION OF THOSE DAYS"...... Matthew 24:29"


"The tribulation of those days " spoken of in ( Matthew 24:29 )  "Immediately after" which the rapture happens in ( Matthew 24:30-31 )  ARE NOT the days of the Great Tribulation judgment upon the whole world.  The rapture happens BEFORE  the days of the Great Tribulation comes upon the whole world,  but "the tribulation of those days" spoken of in ( Matthew 24:29 ) happen immediately  BEFORE the rapture.  "The tribulation of those days" spoken of in ( Matthew 24:29 ) are "those days" of tribulation judgment exclusively upon Israel BEFORE the rapture. They are "those days" of the Gog-Magog  War  of tribulation judgment exclusively upon the nation of Israel BEFORE the rapture of the Church. 

( Luke 21:20-27 ) describes in detail "the tribulation of those days" which are "those days" of the  Gog-Magog War of tribulation exclusively upon the Nation of Israel  BEFORE the rapture

Then we are given a "heads up" that our rapture IS NOW imminent in:


Luke 21:28

"And WHEN these things ( the Gog -Magog  War in Israel ) BEGIN to come to pass, THEN look up and lift up your heads FOR YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR." 


Once you understand  "the tribulation of those days",  spoken of in  ( Matthew 24:29 ), is speaking of "those days" of the Gog -Magog  War of tribulation exclusively upon the Nation of Israel, and then the rapture of the Church happens "IMMEDIATELY AFTER the tribulation of those days" as described  in ( Matthew 24:30-31.).  The rapture is then  pre-tribulation to the Great Tribulation which comes upon the whole world. 

Therefore,  THE SIGN  that our rapture "IS NEAR" is when we see the Gog-Magog War BEGIN to happen against Israel according to ( Luke 21:28 ).

According to Your Holy Word, come Lord  Jesus !