Elliot Hong (30 Jan 2022)
"The Lunar New Year's Day, Hansel and Purim"

Dear Doves:

Averine Pennington heard "Hansel" from the Holy Spirit on 1/23.
It says that "Hansel" is a gift given for good luck at the beginning of the year.
Most countries in Asia celebrate the lunar New Year's Day which is 2/1 this year.
On this day, a cash gift(hansel) is given to children when they bow to their parents or grand parents. 
This is why I think that "Hansel" indicates 2/1 which is the new moon of the 12th month(Adar I this year).
12 represents Church Age, New Jerusalem and Government Change.
And 2/1 happens to be the third day.
The new moon begins from the sunset of 1/31.
John Lawler received that a big explosion will occur when the moon is in the top of it's phase on 12/30/10.
It's 4050 days from 12/30/10 to 1/31/22. 
Thus it's possible that SD could occur on 1/31-2/1 since "in the top of it's phase" could mean the new moon.
The Lord told Barbara that 12/21/21 is a marker in My Time, and it's 42 days from 12/21/21 to 1/31.
42 means Advent.
Genevieve Brazel received "The Midnight Cry" and "On The Third Day You Will Rise" last year.
If SD occurs as the midnight cry on 1/31-2/1, the Remnant will be transformed on 2/4 which fits to $2.34.
New Moon is also called as Veiled Moon.
The bride covers her face with veil when she knows the coming of the bridegroom as it's written in Genesis 24:65. 
This is why it makes sense that SD occurs on the new moon as the midnight cry.
Then the bride will be transformed in 3 days as it's written in 2 Corinthians 3:18.
Genevieve also heard "Forty Days!" from Gabriel in her vision.
If the Remnant will witness for 40 days from 2/4, it comes to Purim on 3/16-17.
Purim of 2022 is observed on the full moon of Adar II which is 12 months from Passover of 2021.
Someone received that the Rapture will happen when it's the leap year.
Amazingly, it's 4400 days (12 yrs, 17 days or 144 months, 17 days) from the 8.8 Concepcion Sign to this Purim.
This can't be a coincidence.
Jews are blinded and in danger to be destroyed by the evil scheme of the modern day Haman.
This is why God raises Esther from Church which has been grafted in to save the Chosen People.
But the Remnant must be birthed first 40 days before Purim.
Hopefully this theory becomes a reality this time.