Chance (30 Jan 2022)
"James Brownlow's "Did Jesus tell us "THE DAY" of HIS RETURN?""

Hello James, John and Doves,
In your last week's letter, James -  I have a question about the information/analysis that's in the linked youtube.
Did Jesus tell us "THE DAY" of HIS RETURN ?
Maybe I missed it in this youtube, Prophetic Parallels - Rapture & Tribulation 2022, or don't remember, as I watched this video a while back....Prophetic Parallels - Rapture & Tribulation 2022 - YouTube
Is there any mention of the fall Feast Days or how they fit in with the 2022-2029 timeline?
Since the first four Feast Days were specifically fulfilled on THE day, I have thought, like many others, that the Fall Feast days - since they are all the Lord's appointed days - would have a special fulfillment during a Biblical prophetic timeline; ex. the end of the Tribulation - battle of Armageddon starts on Feast of Trumpets, judgment day on Day of Atonement, the one thousand years with Feast of Tabernacles, thus finishing up the last 3 appointed days.  Maybe that is incorrect.  ??  Maybe they will occur months after the Tribulation has ended.  ??
I do believe that 10 Nissan has a lot of good reasons for being the start of the Tribulation Period - or the start of some prophetic time Jesus said 'they missed Him, and because they missed Him......."; it's like this 'missing Him' changed the timeline  (it would have ended and wrapped up all the prophecies of the 70 weeks...BUT...)...and right after that the first 4 Feast Days were fulfilled in close succession....along with the inserting the "Time of the Gentiles".  Many believe the last 3 feast days will wrap the Tribulation up and get us to the 1,000 years....  Maybe the first 4 Feast Days started the "Time of the Gentiles" and the last 3 Feast Days will end "The Time of the Gentiles" - they will certainly be the end the changed timeline - because all of the prophecies mentioned in Daniel for this 70 weeks will be fulfilled when the 70 weeks are fulfilled.   Just a thought.
IF these last 3 Feast Days do occur as I wrote above, ending the Tribulation, AND the Tribulation starts on 10 Nissan (as in the youtube timeline) -  a 3.5 year Tribulation Period of 1260 days would fix the problem with the last 3 Feast Days.  If one starts the Tribulation with 10 Nissan (like in the youtube above)...counting 3.5 years ahead always puts one at the Fall Feasts.   (We've had letters to Doves about a 3.5 year Tribulation Period...I've even written I'm not ruling that out.)
Anyway, was wondering if you recall where those 3 Fall Feast days fit in the 2022 - 2029 timeline (or if are they addressed at all).
Thank you!