Chance (30 Jan 2022)
"Exemptions for the Covid-19 'Vaccine' Part 2"

Hello John and Doves,
To add to my previous letter on Covid-19 'vaccine' exemptions....seems the Biden administration et al want to know who's applying for religious and medical exemptions.
Under a proposed regulation, "The Commerce Department is going to keep a record of all employees seeking a medical exemption from President Joe Biden's Covid-19 vaccine mandate.."
So those claiming a medical exemption will be on a government list...along with every doctor signing the form.  
And..."18 other federal agencies were considering making similar lists of religious objectors to the vaccine mandate."
"This week, 41 House Representatives signed onto a letter to Biden accusing his administration of targeting Americans who seek religious exemptions..."
Even though Phase 1 of the Great Reset is winding down...just waiting for the massive deaths and maiming....Phase 2 is picking up speed.  
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!