Chance (30 Jan 2022)
"Exemptions for the Covid-19 'Vaccine'"

Hello John and Doves,
To those wondering how easy (or hard) it is to get a medical exemption for taking the Covid-19 'vaccine' - listen to this psychiatrist who spoke at Senator Ron Johnson's "Covid-19:  A Second Opinion" roundtable - he was one of the panel members asked to speak.
COVID-19: A Second Opinion
Here is a short clip of 2:20 minutes of this psychiatrist speaking at this meeting. 
Doctor explains why it is almost impossible to get a Covid related medical exemption
He talks about a letter that went out to all physicians from the Medical Board (California) to any who write an 'inappropriate exemption for masks or other Covid related measures will have his medical license subjected to investigation and disciplinary action."
'It is impossible to get a medical exemption for a Covid 'vaccine' in California'.  
This was a threat worse than getting fired...this could result in loss of medical license and unable to practice medicine. 
And what would be an inappropriate exemption?  Someone decides this and it's not the physicians.  Physicians have had their hands tied on Covid treatment and vaccines from almost the get go.
When Pfizer first came out with their mRNA 'vaccine', I read through their released information - the exemptions they gave for not taking this vaccine were: on blood thinner, have history of severe allergic reaction, have auto immune disease...I remember these 3 specifically because of my family.  Yet, the FDA is ignoring all of these manufacturer exemptions.  According to the FDA there is no medical exemption for taking this 'vaccine' even if you have natural immunity due to a Covid-19 infection in the past.  You are still required to take the 'vaccine' per the mandates out there.  If you claim an allergy to an ingredient in one 'vaccine', they tell you to take a different one.
And in many states/areas it is impossible to get treated for Covid-19 when in the hospital with anything BUT Remdesivir/vent.  Even though the survival for receiving Remdesivir decreases with each dose.  I believe at the 2nd dose your survival drops to 25%.  (This was presented in Senator Ron Johnson's roundtable.)
In my state of Colorado, a physician's assistant was fined $10,000  for writing prescriptions for Ivermectin for Covid-19 infections.
Yet, our own govt reported (April 2020) that Ivermectin was one of their Covid-19 "curatives"!
And a hospital in Virginia was "found in contempt of court and will be fined $10,000 per day for every day it denies a patient that drug Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19." 
Virginia court finds hospital in contempt for refusing to administer Ivermectin to patient - Rebel News
And I know of religious exemptions that are being denied too.  Depends on the state, the corporation/business/employer/etc.  Many states are letting businesses decide on their rules and many allow NO exemptions period.  No matter the person's health condition or religious beliefs.
This is medical tyranny.
God help us.