Chance (23 Jan 2022)
"Keeping An Eye On Ukraine, NATO vs Russia, China"

Hello John and Doves,
After the failed talk between Blinken and Lavarov this last Friday, January 21, 2022....the escalations continue.
NY Prepper is following the developments - watching Russian forces move towards Ukraine.
"WW3 Update!  Massive Movement of Russian Forces Toward Ukraine Continues!  run time 5:02
And Off Grid Desert Farming is covering this story too:
"China Threatens to Sink US Aircraft Carriers If They Interfere With Them Taking Taiwan"
run time 1:08:05
Hal Turner is reporting on this same Chinese threat - escalating immediately to nuclear war with the U.S.
And Blinken has authorized Baltic countries to send US weapons that they have to Ukraine.
And Russia said they will protect their Russian citizens in Donbass against NATO weapons brought to Kiev forces. 
Things are moving quickly.  We could easily find ourselves in WW3.  We will never know when we will read or post our last letter to Doves.  God protect you all!
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!