Chance (17 Jan 2021)
"Keep An Eye On China Part 2"

Hello John and Doves,
We are getting closer and closer to the collapse of the world's economy.  This is what the "globalists" want.  Many here have written about the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the numerous billionaires, millionaires, Hollywood elites, Big Tech, Big Corporations, etc that are members.
"Communist leaders, including members of the mass-murdering Communist Party of China, are now openly joining forces with capitalist bigwigs and Big Business CEOS to push 'the scheme'...Communist China played a "crucial role" in developing Agenda 2030 (The U.N.'s New World Order)...and is "also playing a growing role within the WEF (World Economic Forum/Great Reset).'
"At the 2017 WEF in Davos, Deep State globalists were tripping over themselves to shower praises on Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. With President Donald Trump in the White House throwing a monkey wrench in the gears of the globalists machinery, the mass-murdering tyrant was seen as the new defender of the "liberal world order."  Yes, seriously.  The rise to prominence of Beijing has long been part of the globalist plan."
UN-Backed “Great Reset” to Usher in New World Order - The New American
You think numerous powerful politicians aren't owned by China?  Or that the Chinese Communists Party doesn't have at least some control over Congress?  They certainly have the ear of the House!

"Freshman House Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson is asking Speaker Nancy Pelosi to explain why a state-backed Chinese newspaper is showing up in congressional offices.  "I did not request China Daily, nor did my staff," Hinson wrote in a letter to Pelosi, noting she had discovered the paper in her office upon arriving in Congress.  "I am appalled that this could happen,' Hinson added.  "I write to insist you use the control you have as Speaker of the House of Representatives to stop the (Chinese Communist Party) from distributing its state-run publication within our hallowed halls."  
"China Daily, a propaganda organ of China's Communist Party, distributes copies of its English-language version to members of Congress, and periodically draws attention for making wild claims backed by the Chinese government." 
"Hinson noted that the paper is registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, preventing its employees from accessing congressional press galleries"Yet, their mal-intended work appears on my doorstep, alongside the newspaper oft eh American free press," Hinson wrote.  "This is a flagrant violation of the taxpayers' trust.  Frankly, I am disgusted.  "I must demand that the CCP's most prolific propaganda rag be prevented from reaching my office...."
Freshman House Member Demands Pelosi Explain Why Chinese Government’s Newspaper is Coming to Congressional Offices
So is this where our Representatives are getting their information about America, about President Trump?!  With Pelosi's approval! 
What does the Chinese Communist Party have on the Democrats?  Democrats have a China problem.  Democrats have praised China's handling of COVID-19 from the beginning.  China lied and hid information on this virus.  Shutting down their cities, yet allowing people to spread it from China.  China covered up the truth about the virus, even hoarding personal protective equipment, buying it up in bulk from other countries before the virus had really spread leaving those countries short of PPE, and then hacking into vaccine research around the world.  
"Facebook has bent the knee to China rather than lose millions of users and the billions in advertising revenue it garners.  CEO Mark Zuckerberg has his liberal trolls censoring Trump Administration and supporters alike....And the recent conservative overrun at the Capitol presented an opportunity for Facebook, Twitter, and Google outlets to ban the president, block posts, his supporters and boot apps popular among conservatives.  That's precisely what Pres. Xi expects from good communist party members."
"Keep in mind that Google secretly worked with the regime to develop a search engine that would allow the communist party to track every online movement and utterance of its citizens.  They intended to censor and black-bag political critics.  Is this same trend not parroted by fake news media outlets, Democrats, and big tech platforms?...Fake news outlets have been parroting communist propaganda for years."
Fake News: Media Outlets, Big Tech Parrot China Propaganda - US Politics and News

So where does Bill Gates fit into all of this?  Surely he does!  Yep - he's right in the middle of all of this.
"The tech tycoon (Bill Gates) had previously taken a swipe at the president for publicly castigating China for its cover-up of the coronavirus.  During a Sunday interview on CNN, Gates not only argued that it is not time to be questioning the Chinese Communist Party's efforts in handling the COVID-19 outbreak, but went so far as to dispel any wrongdoing by the communist regime...."
"One may ask, why would Bill Gates defend China?...Gates is one of many executives whose businesses have been ensnared by the Trump administration's battle with China over technology and trade.  In his case, it may specifically be his TerraPower LLC, a nuclear-energy project in China that Gates co-founded...The project was to be the demonstration of TerraPower's technology."  Trump's U.S. foreign investment restrictions nixed this project. And it was President Trump's administration that prevented the Chinese Communists Party for taking control of America's second-largest container port!
Bill Gates's treasonous defense of China - why? - American Thinker
China would do anything to keep President Trump from being elected as the next president.  To end the trade wars, to move America more under control of the CCP and into the Great Reset, Joe Biden is the 'chosen' candidate for President of The United States of America.  America is THE last great thorn in the side of the globalists and the New World Order.
"In this interview The New American's Alex Newman, former CIA officer turned whitsleblower Kevin Shipp argues that the 2020 election landslide for Trump was stolen with help from COVID and mail-in ballots.  The threat from Communist China is enormous and existential, warned Shipp, who was in counter-intelligence and said Beijing was the top espionage danger in the world.  Multiple members of Congress are compromised, as well as major U.S. companies, he said....Shipp also called on Americans to turn back to God for help and guidance in this unprecedented time."
2020 Election Stolen & China Top Threat: CIA Whistleblower - The New American
So why has the 'Hunter Biden Laptop" been so vehemently side-tracked by the MSM and Joe Biden?  Because the Biden ties to the Chinese Communist Party are shocking. 
"There are a lot of powerful people in DC who want the Hunter Biden story to go away because it has potentially direct implications on themselves....citing Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein's family business deals with China.  "All you have to do is look at the very top of the legislative body in the United States."  "The fact of the matter is that shipping business (owned by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao - who recently resigned) has its ship purchases financed by the Chinese government, its ship constructions are built by the Chinese government, its crews are raised by the Chinese government, and most of its contracts are shipping goods from Chinese state-owned enterprises." "So if Mitch McConnell did something the Chinese didn't like, they could destroy that family business."
"....House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, has done a series of deals in mainland China..and are part of the fact that the Chinese are trying to curry favor with high-ranking politicians in the United States."
"Diana Feinstein's husband has been doing deals for 25 years in mainland China...and has benefited from private meetings that Senator Feinstein had with the highest levels.....the Chinese government is seeking to "decapitate our political leadership by giving sweetheart deals to the family members of our political class."!
Schweizer: Like With Hunter Biden, McConnell And Pelosi Are Beholden To China Through Family Business Deals | Video | RealClearPolitics
And the Democrat Party, the CCP, and other nefarious groups, have beg, borrowed, and stole to get China Joe elected!
We should all be aware by now of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, other Biden family members' 'business dealings/bribes" with China and Russia.  President-elect Joe Biden (and now the Democrat controlled Senate and House) is nothing less than President Xi's 'extended hand gripping the throat of America'.
Other countries are starting to wake up and see the CCP wiggling into their country's corporations, governments.  "Australia has tightened security rules on foreign investment and boosted defense spending in the Indo-Pacific."  Britain has stepped up also "..Boris Johnson's administration put up new barriers to Chinese investment, citing security concerns."  In 2019, 30 countries condemned China for human rights violations.  More and more public anger is being expressed against China for its role in the pandemic.
Can Joe Biden stand up the Chinese Communist Party?
The big question is, exactly how compromised is Joe Biden to the CCP?  How much 'dirt' do they have on his son, Hunter, and him.  How deep in their pocket is Joe?  How sold out is the country with Biden as President, and Democrat controlled House and Senate?
And look at China now - after releasing upon the world their COVID-19 virus and encouraging the lockdown of cities, massive quarantines, draconian contact tracing and surveillance of citizens,, pushing for PCR testing for all and rapid tests, pushing for the masking and social distancing which simply destroys businesses...all pushed by Chinese propaganda around the world.... "China is enjoying a growth rate of 4.9%"!! 
If governments didn't do what China said to do, they were ostracized and ridiculed and accused of being "amoral, inhuman, pushing eugenics on their people and responsible for hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths".  Didn't we see that here in the U.S.?  Slamming President Trump for all of this??  China was behind this.  And implemented here, thanks to politicians and health care czars like Fauci!
China and the ‘Great Reset’. How the Chinese Communist Party and… | by Aya Velázquez | Dec, 2020 | Medium
Thanks to Chinese propaganda most countries in the world are in a deep recession and the lockdowns are continuing and becoming more draconian!  Even here in the U.S. "cases" or positive tests with 90% no viable virus, no issues of spreading this per the CDC, are being used to further slam cities and states into lockdowns and quarantines, furthering the destruction of our economy.
Many people/corporations are taking advantage of this COVID-19 nightmare:  Bill Gates, for one, of course.    
"As part of the announcement Sunday evening of a $900 Billion coronavirus relief deal, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer touted "an additional $3.35 billion for a total $4 billion for GAVI, the international vaccine alliance..GAVI has deals in place for nearly two billion doses of a COVID-19 vaccine rollout begninning early next year" for third world countries.  GAVI was founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation."
Bill Gates helped get $3.36 billion into the coronavirus deal to help vaccinate the world's poor
So much for Americans and American businesses getting much of the money from the covornavirus relief deals.  Seems most is going to other countries and special interest groups.  The U.S. is bankrupt - who can afford trillions and trillions in 'coronavirus relief deals'?  And now Biden is proposing another $2 trillion!  This is an endless hole to further destroy the U.S. economy...which is already running on fumes.
Kissinger said "Control oil and you control countries; control food and you control the people."  
"Gates owns 242,000 acres of farmland, making him the biggest private-farmland owner, according to a new report.  His 242,000 acres of farmland stretch across 18 states from Washington to Florida" And Gates is not a farmer.  So what is he doing with all of this FARM land?
Bill Gates owns 242,000 acres of farmland, making him America's biggest private-farmland owner, according to a new report
This can't bode well for America.
And what does Biden had planned for America in his "first 100 days"?  
"In a bid to get as many Americans vaccinated as quickly as possible, the Biden administration will also call up the National Guard and FEMA, the federal government's lead disaster response agency, to stand up an initiate 100 federally supported community vaccination centers around the nation."
Biden will send FEMA, Guard to up COVID-19 vaccination rates
THEY are going to make 'not taking this vaccine' very, very difficult for Americans.
So, when January 20th comes, and IF Biden is sworn in, and THEY own the Senate and House - what can Conservatives, Republicans, and, basically, everyone else, expect? 
Since, things are moving along according to China's directives...I would imagine that Google has our search engine ready - "to track every online movement and utterance of" every American citizen.  So they can see who is an enemy of their state" and needs to be purged or "re-educated" THEY our demanding of our children. 
"Democrats Demand Biden To Remove and Re-educate Conservative Christians"  December 18, 2020  "A group backed by congressional Democrats touting a "Secular America" has sent a 28-page document to the Biden transition team advising him to strip First Amendment Right from Christians who advocate traditional biblical positions on the sanctity of life, marriage and the nuclear family."
"The principal counsel for the Public Broadcasting Service revealed his disturbing radical views in a new undercover video from Project Veritas.  In the video, released on Tuesday, Michael Beller was heard saying Americans are "f-king dumb" and that children of Republican voters should be put into "re-education camps".   He further compared Trump to Hitler and said he'd throw Molotov cocktails at the White House if Trump was re-elected.
Democrats Want Conservative Children Taken From Parents – Patriot Edition
Without God's hand of protection on America, nothing good is coming for America.  The nation will be shaken to its core.  The Church will be shaken to its core.  
Christians need to pray against the evil...not matter what happens.  And pray for mercy.
If God has turned America over to be sifted, Christians know what this means - and we need to BRACE for what is coming!
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
Many in Congress have noted China's hand in what's going on in America:

McCarthy: Pelosi Promoting Chinese Propaganda by Calling COVID 'Trump Virus' - 'What Does the C.C.P. Have on the Democrats?'