Chance (17 Jan 2021)
"Keep An Eye on China"

Hello John and Doves,
More and more information is coming out about China and election interference in our 2020 election.  This election fraud is what prompted the Capitol Building protest in the first place. 
President Trump isn't letting up on China - "Chinese state media blast latest Trump administration move on Taiwan"  January 10, 2021  U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo is being accused of "only interest in stoking unwarranted confrontations, and has no interest in world peace" because the Trump Administration has lifted the restrictions on Taiwan and can now deal with Taiwan as an independent country.  "The Trump administration, in its continuing efforts to burn the house down before leaving office, has crossed a dangerous red line with China days before incoming President Joe Biden takes office,"....
Chinese state media blast Trump administration move on Taiwan - Los Angeles Times
The trade war between China and Trump is intensifying.  The Trump administration has "prohibited the sale of American technology to Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, and other firms.  It also issued rules that punish companies for their ties to the Chinese military and for their involvement in Beijing's surveillance and suppression of mostly Muslim ethnic minorities in China's far northwestern region of Xinjiang."  Also, the New York Stock Exchange, "under pressure from the Trump administration and members of Congress, removed China's three major state-run telecommunications companies from the exchange to comply with an executive order aimed at stopping American investment in companies linked to the Chinese military."
China has responded with their own rules "that would punish global companies for complying with Washington's tightening restriction on doing business with Chinese companies..An order issued on Saturday empowers Beijing to tell companies to ignore U.S. restrictions and allows them to sue other businesses if they comply."  This has put companies directly in the middle of China and the U.S.  However, once the Trump Administration is gone on January 20th, Biden could chose to bow down to China.  We do not know how much 'dirt' China has on Biden, but with the information on the Hunter laptop, their Chinese 'business' dealings, Biden is probably very much compromised.  Quotes in the two paragraphs above from: 
China Issues New Rules Aimed at Trump's Sanctions - The New York Times
Remember, thanks to China we now have Covid-19; and there is new info that FBI Director Comey sold the CIA's 'vote stealing' computer programs Scorecard and Hammer to China to help co-ordinate the stealing of votes from Trump to be given to Biden. 
Also there is information that has come out of Italy - the story goes - the CIA, with an Italian defense contractor, Leonardo SPA, had the software that could switch votes from Trump to Biden and with the help of a Leonardo military satellite that transmitted the software program to the U.S, the votes were changed; this is why the counting of the ballots stopped at the same time in the swing states as computers were hooked up to the internet and the voting information converted by an algorithm, switching votes from Trump to Biden.  A senior IT director who worked as an employee for Leonardo confessed to creating the algorithm that switched the votes from Trump to Biden; a military satellite was used to send the election information to and from Italy - he has signed an affidavit in Italian court.  Seems Obama and a former Italian PM were also involved, with Obama coming up with the money.  Then China, using scorecard and hammer co-ordinated the vote stealing so none would be the wiser.  
China has a vested interest in Biden and his family.  Having Biden as president would be a tremendous asset for China.  China can hardly wait for Biden to be sworn in.  And Trump's bothersome tariffs and sanctions can be removed.  China's influence in America will be greatly enhanced.  
"A Chinese professor's speech boasting about Beijing's influence over President-elect Joe Biden was removed from the country's social media platforms after going viral in the U.S....Di Dongsheng a professor of international relations at Renmin University...bragged about Beijing's sway over Wall Street and Biden's son Hunter and said:  "Biden is back!  Our old game is back."  Tucker Carlson commented on his Fox show about Di's remarks, using them to show "U.S. elites have been working on behalf of China."  Di went on to say, "We have a network of 'China's old friends' on Wall Street, who had access and control over the D.C. politicians."  Wall Street couldn't control Trump so China used the politicians basically.
China Censors Viral Boast of Influence Over Wall Street, Biden - Bloomberg
We don't know how much influence China will actually have over a President Biden, but with the information coming out about Hunter's laptop, and Joe and Hunter's business dealings with China, things aren't looking good in terms of Biden NOT being compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. 
There are numerous articles about China's influence in America:
China's Goal Is To Control American Culture. Companies Should Resist
I had no idea of the following connections of individuals and companies, especially media, to the CCP - Chinese Communist Party.
The following article has information on Bezos, CEO of Amazon - the company that kicked Parler (a popular conservative social media site off their server Sunday midnight) - has "direct ties to the Chinese business market, which is regulated by the CCP. The production of Amazon's most popular products - including the Amazon Echo and Kindle-e-reader - take place almost exclusively in Chinese factories."
"The Washington Post openly accepts money for advertisements from the CCP and distributes Chinese propaganda."
"CNN is owned and operated by WarnerMedia, which has significant financial and institutional ties to the CCP...WarnerMedia considers China a "partner" in their economic and cinematic ventures." 
"Both MSNBC and NBC News are operated by NBC Universal, a company with extensive financial ties to the CCP." 
"The most obvious business ties between the American Broadcast Company (ABC) and China are through their ventures with Walt Disney and ESPN.  Both companies have deep-rooted financial stakes in the Chinese economy controlled by the CCP.  In November 2009, the Chinese government approved plans to create a Disney World theme park in Shanghai.  The project cost approximately $3.6 trillion, with financial help from several large Chinese state-owned enterprises." 
"Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his company Bloomberg LP are heavily invested in China.  Bloomberg LP sells terminals to their website through the Chinese market and helps finance Chinese companies by sending billions of dollars from U.S. investors to the Chinese bond market." 
And much, much more at the link.
Has China Compromised Every Major Mainstream Media Entity?
Has China Compromised Every Major Mainstream Media Entity?
And what does China/CCP own in America?  Plenty!  And what I've found is shocking.
How about 180,000 acres of ranch land in Texas!  Right next to the a USAF base - the largest training airbase. And right along the Mexican border. Shipments of fentanyl come into the U.S. from China via Mexico.
Why Does China Reportedly Own 180k Acres Of Texas Ranch Land -- So Close To THIS?
And much more information at this link:
How much of the United States does China really own? | Fox News

We've got a big problem with China.  It's about to get much worse with China Joe!
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!