Todd (26 Jan 2020)
"To Chance (and Doves) regarding Esther"


15 or 16 years ago I got down on my knees and I prayed to God that if He could Convert the apostle Paul from a persecutor to a minister that quickly  I wanted him to do that in my life as well. While praying this I also prayed for discernment and for wisdom and deep understanding of his word as I was getting prepared to really study his word for the first time in my life. I had started studying prophecy A few months before and loved it so I prayed that God would really open up my eyes in this area so that I could use that knowledge to share with nonbelievers and believers.    God immediately started showing me things and leading me to places where I would learn so much. One of those sites was Fulfilled Prophecy by Herb Peters.   I am sure many of you here remember him. It was amazing to me how much insight God gave him and at times I feel like he was getting so close to the answers God took him Home because we werenít ready for all the answers yet.  I miss his wisdom so much  
Anyway,  I got ahead of myself. About six months after I prayed that prayer I went to bed and about an hour and a half after I fell asleep God woke me up and spoke directly to me and said the words Esther chapter 3.  (It was not audible it was mind to mind). I was confused by it but wasnít really sure what to do so I went back to sleep. A little past midnight God woke me up again and said Esther chapter 3.  To be clear I had not read The book of Esther at this point and honestly I didnít even know it was a book in the Bible.... so once again I went back to sleep. Around 5:30 in the morning God spoke directly to me again (firm this time) and I knew the only thing I could do was jump up and read the book of Esther and thatís exactly what I did.   I canít explain to you why I went to sleep the previous two times but the third time he called me there was no doubt as to what I was supposed to do.    I prayed and fasted many times for God to explain to me why he had me read Esther and more specifically chapter 3.    One thing is very clear I had prayed for God to give me special insight as it relates to end time prophecy and Esther chapter 3 is about the wicked ruler Haman who despises Mortdecai so much for not bowing down to him that he has the king issue a decree to not only kill him but to kill all of his people.   This is a parallel to what is going to happen in the last days when the antichrist stands in the temple and demands everyone worship him by taking his mark and everyone that doesnít do it is going to be killed.  Itís Interesting to note that back then if the king stamped something with his signet ring it could not be revoked. And thatís what happened in the story of Esther the king gave Haman permission to kill all of the Jews which even included his wife unbeknownst to him at the time.  Well itís just like whatís going to happen when the antichrist stands in the temple. God has already stamped his signet ring on this story so we know it has to play out but just like in the book of Esther where he allowed the Jews to be prepared for that day He is calling for us to be prepared as well!!
Every year when Purim comes I wait around with expectation that something significant is going to happen.  There have been several significant things that have happened on this date each year but I know in my heart something even bigger is going to happen on a Purim in the future.
I donít know if 2020 is the year that itís going to happen but when we look at the world stage and see the Gog/Magog countries already lined up, when we see bombing occurring all around Damascus, when we see this blasphemous Pope trying to gather all the world leaders to agree to one evil accord which opposes Christ and targets our children, when we see the technology in place via RFID to immediately control who can buy or sell anything, when we see the whole world focused on this tiny little place called Jerusalem, when we see these earthquakes and volcanoes occurring more frequently in diverse places, and then we reflect back on Jesusí words in Matthew about the generation
that sees all these things that wonít pass away before His return .....that was in May of 1948 .....72 years ago.   The definition of a generation in Psalms is 70 years or 80 with much trouble.   Considering the Tribulation is 7 years AND THE FACT that the entire world stage is set up for the Antichrist to rule as he has been waiting to do....I would say we are pretty close!   No one knows the day or hour but we definitely know the season. God Bless everyone ....we all need to stay strong in our faith.  The road could be a little bumpy before we fly out of here.