Steve Coerper (26 Jan 2020)
"Forty-Seven Years Of An American Holocaust"

Dear John and Doves:

There was a major Pro-Life march in the United States on Friday, January 24th.  On the day before the event, Pastor Chuck Baldwin posted a relevant article.  Here are a few of the salient points:

Beyond that, the GOP controlled the entire federal government for 4.6 years of G.W. Bush's eight years in office—and they controlled the entire federal government for the first two years of Donald Trump’s presidency. They did nothing about Roe v Wade under Bush, and they have done nothing about Roe v Wade under Trump.

While Ron Paul was a congressman, he would routinely introduce the "Sanctity of Life Act” in every congressional term; and the GOP leadership in Congress always let the bill collect dust in the document room and die. President Bush never once voiced his support for the bill. NOT ONCE. All three years of Trump’s presidency, Senator Rand Paul has introduced a bill that mirrors the “Sanctity of Life Act,” called the “Life at Conception Act.” And just as did Bush, Donald Trump has done NOTHING to promote the bill—and Republican leaders again made sure the bill went nowhere.

Had Ron Paul's bill become law, it would have 1) defined life as beginning at conception, and 2) under Article. III. Section. 2. of the U.S. Constitution, completely removed abortion from the jurisdiction of the Court, thereby overturning Roe v Wade. All of this talk about nothing can be done about abortion-on-demand until some magical configuration of the Supreme Court decides to overturn it is just smoke and mirrors. Congress and the President could end abortion-on-demand anytime they wanted to. Plus, never forget that the Supreme Court has been dominated by Republican appointments ever since the Roe decision in 1973—and nothing has been done to overturn Roe. NOTHING!

Let me ask you: How many pastors across the country will even bother to raise the moral and scriptural conscience of their congregations to the evils of abortion? How many bother to bring a detailed exegesis on what the Bible teaches regarding the right to life, when life begins and God’s laws and principles regarding the killing of unborn children? Come on, be honest. How many of you who attend church each Sunday hear more than a two-minute sound bite once a year about abortion—if even a mention at all?

This helps explain why, according to recent surveys of the women obtaining abortions in America, 70% claim to be Christians, and 40% claim to be regular church attenders. Think of the millions of babies that are being murdered in the womb because America’s pastors don’t have the courage or moral integrity to teach their congregations the truth about abortion.

The State of Israel is one of the world’s foremost proponents of abortion-on-demand. Israel actually pays for a woman’s abortion up to and including full-term abortions. That means the government of Israel will pay to kill an unborn baby up to the point of the baby’s birth. In fact, Israel’s abortion laws are far more liberal than the abortion laws of its Muslim neighbors. And here in America, Jews are among the most outspoken zealots advocating for legalized abortion, arguing that under the teaching of the Talmud, to prohibit abortion is to violate the religious rights of Jewish women to kill their unborn children.

(the entire article is here:

I bring this up for several reasons, one of which is the upcoming "peace deal" because we've been strongly manipulated to think that Israel is the "good guys" and anything done to negatively impact the "State of Israel" will invoke the curse of Genesis 12:3.  Maybe not!  It just may be that the Talmudic "Jews" running things over there are enemies of God (John 8:44-45) and that God may use Trump and/or others to judge and remove them.

I don't know, but what we all know is that babies are being slaughtered globally - we've had well over sixty million murders just in the U.S. - and God's wrath will soon be upon us.  Abortion is the sacrament of demons and there is no compromising with these people.

May we, as Christians, be wise enough to know who our friends are.

Hope to see you soon.  Rosh HaShanah La'Ilanot is in two weeks.