Patty Hayes (26 Jan 2020)

Yesterday I finally had my brain scan done at Open MRI Systems, a very good place. After filling out forms, a lady came to take me back. She already had read my "book" of symptoms. She sat down and asked me what else to know. I told her and she came to me and said if need to cry to do so now. She gave me a hug and wanted to encourage me. Yes, a few tears escaped me this time.

I do MRIs very well and once done she said I am a very good patient and enjoy my attempt at humor. I like James Taylor music but too bad for me not sing in the tube.

After putting me back together I came out. She was finishing my CD to take with me. So I asked her if I had a brain in there. She smiled yet looked pretty serious. She said yes there is one in there but said "that's all I am allowed to say. Your doctor will be calling you in 2 days." Thus I went out once the CD done and let Judy know I am ready to go home and she took me home after getting much needed groceries.

Thanks for your continued praying.