John B (26 Jan 2020)
"Does Psalms 120 have current significance?"


JR Church and others in prior years have made the connection between actual calendar year dates and the numbering of the Psalms. Psalm 110 for-instance would relate to the year 2010.

With this in mind lets look at Psalm 120 which should correspond to the year 2020 and see if the wording of that Psalm has any relevance to what may be going on worldwide.


Psalm 120 is a relatively short Psalm with only seven verses. When I read this Psalm the theme that seems to catch my attention especially when considering our present world political environment is......bearing false witness or lying.


In verse 2 a prayer to the Lord goes out asking to be delivered from “lying lips” and a “deceitful tongue”.

Then in verse 3 the Psalmist questions what consequence will be given to “you” a singular or maybe plural term for a person or collectively people who......have “false tongues”......who lie incessantly.


Anyone who has been attentive to what has been going on worldwide in the political and media realms whether it be the United States, The United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, the EU, China, Lebanon, France, (the list is almost endless) can plainly see that lying, bearing false witness and all forms of deceit have now become rampant and the common denominator........ instead of being an anomaly.

Just watch the lying spectacle of the Trump impeachment for a fore-instance of bearing false witness (on steroids).


With this lack of truth and integrity worldwide literally staring us in the face it appears to me that the wording of Psalm 120 is indeed a direct reflection of what is happening throughout the world.


Psalm 120 having only 7 verses only adds to my belief that the 7 year tribulation period begins this spring with the arrival of the two witnesses and the antichrist on the world scene.

When reading these 7 verses in Psalm 120 I could see where those verses could be an overview of that 7 year period. I then reviewed the other 150 Psalms to see if any of those had 7 verses and the few I found that did seemingly had verbiage describing what is suspected to happen in those 7 years.


Guess we'll find out within a month or two if indeed 2020 is the start and if Psalm 120 is a fore-bearer.

Blessings.........John B