John B (26 Jan 2020)
"3 Shepherds dismissed........Rome destroyed??"


I have written in recent posts about 3 shepherds (3 popes) being “dismissed” by God as is stated in Zechariah 11. This chapter and the corresponding verses are related to the soon coming end times scenario.

How does God or how will God “dismiss” these 3 shepherds, these 3 popes?


One possible method would be to use another country or religious movement to destroy the home of these 3 shepherds. The bible says in Revelation 18 that Rome is destroyed in an hour's time. I have always believed that the volcano Rome sits on would be the culprit because as per scripture fire is involved in the destruction.


But there are other avenues for a death by fire like the latest news that Iran will be nuclear capable in just a couple of months.

With that thought in mind...... check out the below video filmed 17 January 2020 in Jerusalem. I didn't realize and I suspect that you didn't either that all of a sudden there is a great push to take over / destroy Rome....... the perceived headquarters of Christianity...... by the soldiers / martyrs of Allah. This could fit nicely with prophecy.