John B (26 Jan 2020)
"RE:  Fay and the 5Doves community......Am I an anti semite?  Maybe so, read the post and find out. Maybe you are too and don't know it."


I (sarcastically) appreciate the concern you expressed for me in your post last week on 5Doves.....your thinking that I have been fooled or I am a fool and may have been biblically compromised and have gone over to the “dark side” by viewing a few episodes from the anti-Zionist leaning TruNews network and then my posting one of those “taboo” programs on the 5Doves site.


I say sarcastically......for unless you have have in several prior 5Doves posts gone out of your way to belittle me and my views and then paint me with very unflattering light. You have referred to me in the past as..... an insane lunatic who does not have a firm grip on reality. So, I can only believe / assume that you are now trying to tag me “sweetly though” as an anti Semite as well. I have had enough interactions with you over the years to know how you act and react on 5Doves. If I am mistaken and you have of late... changed your spots... then please excuse my apprehensive approach to you and my written defense.


That said......I can assure you (and the rest of the 5Dove community) since escaping from the Roman Catholic cult many years ago I now trust no one or no thing except the bible itself when looking for truth in this world. I treat global information sources like a buffet picking tidbits from here and there while always trying to authenticate and gauge this information against the word of God with as much discernment as I can muster. There is so much deception out there that at times it's an extreme challenge weeding through all the mis-information looking for breadcrumbs of “tru-isms”.


Now......Is TruNews (that you detest, as per your post to me) a news source I rely on for accurate accounting to what's happening politically or Geo-politically in the world? To a certain degree.... yes.... for it's much better than the main stream media....even Fox.


Does TruNews put an anti-Zionist wrapper over it's news content? Most definitely but that doesn't mean that their content, the daily facts, the world news they are reporting is false news or has been skewed...... but as you stated, they are very bias toward Zionism. They for sure go out of their way to look for “connections” and then put a “danger”..... lookout for Zionism spin....... on their world view of events and news. This is one extreme...


Now, the other extreme or the flip side of this would be John Hagee and other evangelical ministries who are “all in” for Judaism regardless of what Israel or Jews do or say worldwide......which in my mind is almost as bad as the TruNews approach.


We as modern day Christians have been semi programmed from Christian ministries to promote and back the Jews regardless of what they do or say. Seemingly large segments of bad conduct by them is ignored, condoned and somehow tolerated.


But is this “Christian” biased approach any better than the TruNews one? I believe the truth or.... the narrow path.... lies somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

Just because God the Father has a covenant relationship with the doesn't make them the good guys where they get a pass for bad conduct or immorality.


Didn't the Jews spent most of biblical history in sin and rebellion towards God!!??


The Famous Verse....


The famous verse is always pulled out to deflect any criticism of Jews.....which is....”I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”....


Well that verse was used twice in the bible, once when God was directly blessing Abraham and once when Jacob was directly blessing Issac (when he thought he was blessing Esau).

Both of these blessings were aimed directly toward an individual (Abraham and Issac) and not IMHO aimed at the entire Jewish race for time immortal. In the context of these verses the blessings there were.....again IMHO.... on an individual basis... not collective Judaism from those time points forward to today.


So for John Hagee or anyone else to misaligned or use these verses out of context to get a few more dollars on their collection plate or convince us into thinking somehow that we will get a “special blessing” if we bless Jews, is again.... IMHO... greatly stretching those two “individual” blessing references for Abraham and Issac.


The “road apples”will soon hit the fan (so to speak) with the coming “end time events”...... as are forecast in scripture. During these events God the Father almost completely turns His back on these Zionist Jews. He as per scripture only saves a remnant of them.

When Israel is attacked by “all nations” scripture says that He, God the Father, who has a covenant relationship with them waits until they are almost totally annihilated before He intervenes and only saves a remnant (a few) of them. Why is that??


Could it have anything to do with the conduct and character of the Jewish community of today's world? I say yes.


In Jesus's time He detested many of these “Jewish leaders” and called them a brood of vipers. These same Jews who would later be responsible for Jesus being put to death. These “Jewish leaders” were extremely malicious, treacherous and evil people.


Fast forward to the present, to today's world...... Jesus in the Book of Revelation, says of these present day “Jewish leaders” that they will be from the synagogue of Satan. That to me is very strong and damming language coming from our Lord. Jesus also says there in Revelation that these Jews will some day be forced to worship at the feet of Christians because of their treachery and lies.


Let's now take an overview of our present day world leaders who oversee the reigns or control of world power........


Who controls Hollywood and all the filth that is generated there? Rich Jews


Who controls the mass media services with their complete lack of truth, morals and integrity? Rich Jews


Who controls the banking and monetary system worldwide? Rich Jews


With the Jewish race only composing a small percentage (just over 1%) of the total population of America (and much less than that in other countries)......who dis-proportionality dominates the political arena as far as governmental representatives ….congressman, senators, lawyers, etc.?? Rich Jews.....

They control and leverage all manors of laws and legislation.......for the good of the people?......think again …...and think of Jewish billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg and their evil misguided interactions in state and federal politics here in America. Constantly attacking our Constitution and our God given rights.


Who in the United States are the titans of industry, commerce, communication, wall street, name it. Who are the top board members who literally control America? Rich Jews


How did a very small percentage of the population (the Jews) within a relatively short period of time (a few decades) achieve utter dominance over nearly everything?

And a better what means did they accomplish this monumental achievement?


Did these Jewish leaders form a co-op, a pact with Satan? Satan who we know through scripture, without a doubt, controls this world (Matthew 4:8-9).

Did these modern day Jews give up their birthright like Esau did for a bowl of stew? Or in this case did they give up their birthright for pieces of the world power pie......... pieces of the world power and control structure?


Did they, these Jews, rise to the top of nearly every world power structure by plugging into the Satanic power base? I believe so....... and I believe that's why Jesus referred to them as from the syn-a-gog-ue of Satan......from the house of Satan....under the control of Satan.


Have these Jewish leaders sold their covenant relationship / birthright with the Father for the temporary role as Satanic titans here on earth.....especially in America?

Now maybe it will make more sense to people that (as per scripture) only a few of these Jews will be saved when the Father and Jesus come for the harvest......only a remnant because it appears they will have given up their birthright to serve a foreign god......not Baal this time..... but Satan.


On another powerful note...... how were all these Jews able to beat out all other nationalities and ethnic groups to become the titans of nearly everything here in America. The answer to that is Jeffery Epstein, a billionaire “Jewish leader” whose billions were..... unaccounted for....... seemingly coming from thin air...... or did blackmail of thousands of people generate his fortune? Most certainly, the latter.....


It appears Mr. Epstein as a mossad agent for the Israeli government ran a worldwide pedophile operation for decades enlisting thousands of young girls and boys which he used to lure in thousands of very important titans of world power.....from princes to presidents to the titans of most everything power based...especially politicians.


He lured and brought these thousands of sex crazed men (and women, such as Hillary) to his vast properties, islands and estates and filmed them while they raped, molested and did all manors of evil to displaced /kidnapped juveniles and then used the footage to blackmail them into making all manors of decisions that would benefit Israel and other Jews while Mr. Epstein personally took in billions in hush money.


It's now documented by the people who worked at Epstein's estates that all the rooms including the bathrooms and his plane were all wired with cameras to record everything that transpired between these young children and thousands of those on Epstein's hit list.

There had to be hundreds of support personnel (mossad) working behind the scenes orchestrating who got invited to participate (lured in) and then to foster the elaborate schemes as to who got blackmailed and for what exacting purpose. This blackmail allowed / steered / ushered so many people “into” or “out of” the world power structure.......especially in the United States. And also determined how these blackmail-ees voted or reacted on all manors of issues and decisions.


This massive blackmail program facilitated whole armies going to war....especially in the Middle East where US armies (our sons and daughters) fought numerous wars, died and became crippled.... physically and mentally.... because their leaders were blackmailed into engaging in foreign conflicts.


Our sons and daughters were sent to die and be maimed in the desert thousands of miles from their homeland. And for the most part it was done to protect Israel from her Middle East enemies and had little or nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction or oil.

Our children were forced to do this because our leaders were caught molesting children on film and decided their reputations were worth more than the blood of our children.

Which role here in these heinous acts is more evil.... our leaders / politicians who raped and abused children or the people from the synagogue of Satan who took and are still taking full advantage of this extreme blackmail travesty???


Remember the biblical warning the Lord expressed in Luke....


2 It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones (displaced / kidnapped children) to stumble (be hurt/ harmed)


We all have wondered why nothing gets done in Washington. Why it seemingly doesn't matter whether a Democrat or a Republican gets into a particular office. We wonder why when someone reaches a certain level of power in Washington they seemingly are then covered with Teflon, nothing sticks to them, and there are no consequences for whatever crimes, injustices and outright lawlessness that they may be involved in.


The only way this is possible or the only viable answer for all of this..... is BLACKMAIL.....and blackmail on an industrial scale and this blackmail was made possible through the worldwide pedophilia operation run by Jeffery Epstein and many other “Jewish leaders”for the benefit of Israel and the advancement of Zionism worldwide.

This blackmail extravaganza has crippled the US justice system and permeated all facets of our government neutering it from running in a righteous manor.


Now I will ask you again.....why are only a few, a remnant of Jews saved when the Father comes to intervene on their behalf during the first half of the tribulation period?


Are we supposed to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and mankind in general.... including our Jewish brothers and sisters ? Of course

Have Christians been duped by evangelical ministries into somehow believing that we will get some sort of special blessing / special treatment someday for our protection and our oversight of the Jews.......all this because a bible verse was or appears to have been taken out of context when a collective interpretation (all Jews) was accepted instead of the individual interpretation (Abraham, Issac) ???? I believe you my answer to this......


So I an anti-Semite or am I an anti-Zionist or am I a fool as you suggested in your post...... or am I just a follower of Jesus who through my discernment of scripture and world events is just calling a spade a spade and not a club or a diamond. I certainly don't hate the Jewish people but I as Jesus believe that their leaders in this age are from the syna-gog-ue of Satan. And they certainly are not to be trusted.


One more thing, that yes, I picked up / learned from watching a segment of TruNews. The commentators there researched and listed in great detail all those (scores of people) who are now directly involved in trying to impeach Donald Trump. These people being politicians, lawyers, witnesses, support people, media, etc. etc. And guess surprise.....the vast overwhelming majority of these people were Jews.....over 90%..... that's shocking in my book.


Shouldn't that figure give every American great pause when one considers that Jews only represent just over 1% of the American populous.

TruNews labeled this impeachment process, this festival of lies as.....a Jew coup. And I would certainly agree with their assessment of this maniacal performance of pure evil.

This attempt to displace a sitting president through constant blatant lies and misinformation is sedition and treason. And if it wasn't for the “blackmail card”which permeates Washington, I believe the participants of this extreme ruse would be jailed or in years past hung. Lincoln jailed 13,000 journalists and hung scores of these traitors in his era.


...Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.....Ninth commandment


And before I forget one of your other posts last week you said's not for us to judge the Jewish people and we are to support them and not curse them.....

I certainly wouldn't curse them..... but to support or condone their bad conduct, their constant lies and their lawlessness...... and then not to judge or critique these “Jewish leaders” especially here in America where they are completely out of control.....where their evil corrupts most everything they touch....... would, without my condemnation seemingly appear that I was condoning their actions.

If so... to support them.... would in my mind also make me eligible for membership in the synagogue of Satan.


And lets not forget Israel itself......Are the “Jewish leaders” the politicians, the media, the titans of industry and commerce any better or more righteous there? It certainly appears that they are of one mindset and in lockstep with the Zionist Jews in America.

They call Tel Aviv the gay capitol of the world or at least that part of the world.


And God in scripture also calls Jerusalem..... Sodom and Egypt....make your own conclusions!!??


Again....only a remnant as per scripture is found worthy by the Father when the end time scenario plays out.

Certainly the Jews need our prayers...... but I don't believe they need our support. In my mind supporting them and their misguided agendas would be like directly supporting the synagogue of Satan.


Blessings.....John B


PS... If one distills all of this down....The United States has been taken over by another country without the other country even firing a shot. All because the hormones and misplaced sexual desires of powerful men were realized.....then compromised.....then weaponized against said men and said country.


The failure of these men to control their sexual desires has led to the United States being led around like it's got a ring in it's nose. Led around to squander our treasures in foreign lands. Whether these treasures are the lives of our sons and daughters, our natural resources or our monetary assets.


The failures of these men have led to the complete dysfunction of our government and especially our justice system which now has multiple levels of verdicts / consequences depending upon how well you are connected within the system. How much leverage you have or your friends have.....due to blackmail. Some like the Clinton’s can murder, rape, steal, lie, cheat, perform all manors of treasonous actions and yet escape any consequences from their laundry list of heinous acts. Just standard operating procedure for those plugged into....... the synagogue of Satan.


If all these culprits in DC turned themselves in for their lies, corruption and all the leverage they used through blackmail.....there wouldn't be enough people left in town to turn the lights out.

The so called “deep state” in DC has all the black books, all the seedy salacious facts and figures and they know where all the bodies are buried. To overcome this most evil and complicated of drain the swamp... by someone like Trump is to me an extreme monumental endeavor. Pray that God gives him the strength, the ability and the protection to make end roads into this giant cesspool. The system there has been completely rigged against someone like Trump... an outsider.....who finds himself in the middle of Satan's playpen.


Revelation 21 appears to have something to say about places like Washington DC, it's participants and their “skill sets”........


8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”