John B (12 Jan 2020)
"ďThe coming of Imam Zaman [another name for the Mahdi].......... is the definite promise by Allah,Ē "

I am thinking that the apocalyptic, genocidal eschatology of the Islamic mullahs in Iran will over-rule common sense resulting in an all out war in the Middle East.
I believe that this is the juncture in the road that the religious leaders in Iran have been waiting for......believing that their martyrdom will lead to the Islamic Mahdi returning to rule and reign and control the world under Islam.
I donít believe we are going to talk or negotiate our way out of the present situation in the Middle East......IMHO
The sanctions have left Iran and itís people in a precarious and oppressive situation. Could that situation be gloriously corrected by falling on their own sword for Allah leading to the return of their Mahdi, their Islamic savior?? ........and donít forget the frosting on the cake......the 72 virgins per martyr.  Maybe itís time to go buy lots of Viagra stock Call me Winking smile
But to a serious note......get close to our Lord and personal Savior..... Jesus Christ.
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