F.M. Riley (26 Jan 2020)
"My Email Yesterday"

     Here is a followup to what I posted yesterday about the assembly of ruler occurring tomorrow, January 23rd in the city of Jerusalem.    
    I now know  that 46 kings and rulers of nations will assemble in Jerusalem tomorrow, January 23, 2020.  The meeting is labeled as the World Holocaust Forum.  The stated purpose of the assembly is to observe the 75th anniversary of the day when the last imprisoned Jews were freed from the terrible Auschwitz concentration camp near the end of the Second World War. 
     It is confirmed that kings, presidents, prime ministers, and other 
officials from 46 nations will be attending this observance of the Jewish Holocaust. 
     I also know that God's inspired Word predicts just such an assembly
of world rulers in Psalm 48:4.  
     I do not know that this assembly of rulers tomorrow is the assembly 
predicted in Psalm 48.  But I also do not know that it is not the predicted assembly. It very well could be the fulfillment of Psalm 48.   Do any of our readers know for certain that this assembly is not the one prophesied to occur in Psalm 48?  Well...??  
     From the context of Psalm 48, I do not know whether the prophesied assembly of world rulers occurs BEFORE or DURING the Tribulation period.   So we leave the timing of this assembly of world rulers unanswered.   Deuteronomy 29:29 is still in the Bible.  
     What I do know is that this is the year for the resurrection and rapture to occur, and the tribulation to begin.  I know this from my studies  of both prophecy and  Bible numbers.  So this assembly of world rulers would certainly be in harmony  with the prophetic word, if it turns out to be the assembly prophesied in Psalm 48. 
     I also know that at some assembly of world rulers in Jerusalem, something is going to happen that will be amazing to those rulers, and 
whatever it is that happens will frighten those world rulers to the point 
that the assembly will break up, and the rulers will leave hastily.  I know this to be true, because the inspired Word says so.  Read it for yourself in Psalm 48.  
     I do not know what the event is, which is going to amaze and frighten the assembled world rulers for Psalm 48 doesn't say what it is.  But there are a number of important events predicted in the prophecies of God's Word 
which might fulfill the prophecy.  A great earthquake?  A great asteroid flying past the earth?  A nuclear bomb exploded somewhere on the earth?  An assassination of one of the world rulers?  I do not knowu, and your guess is as good as mine.  
     But I do know that what is prophesied in God's Word is going to come to pass without fail, and it sure appears that this assembly of world rulers fits perfectly into the end of this present age in which we are living today.  
     TOMORROW, JANUARY 23RD, we all should know if this is the assembly of world leaders prophesied in Psalm 48.  
     Praise the Lord!  Isn't our Lord and His Word wonderful?  

                  Pastor F. M. Riley