Eaglet (26 Jan 2020)
"Gino : Have you always viewed the timeline of the seals this way?"

Hi Gino,


To me, I see the Book of Revelation segmented in to two majorparts:

Segment 1 : Rev. 2 to Rev. 11 which is the entire prophetic end timeline beginning from the early church up to the end of the millennium (which is Rev. 8:1). John's observation on the activities that are transpiring in Heaven.

Segment 2 : Rev. 12 to Rev. 21 which is the same prophetic end timeline beginning from Jacob/Israel up to the end of the millennium. john's observation on the events happening on Earth as seen from Heaven.

Silence in Heaven about Half an Hour is John's estimated earthly time he observed Heaven in silence while Earth is enjoying a thousand year of peave from Jesus Christ's Reign. Heaven is on vacation from the concerns of the Earth. All is takened cared of by Jesus Christ.

Also in 1 John 2:18, he observed the antichrist spirit already at work in their midst in his time up to the time the final anrichrist figure will appear, including Seals 1 to 5 and the reign of the 10 kingdoms for about an hour. That's why he warned the believers that they are at the Last Hour.

If the antichrist will appear in our time, and John saw this revelation and proclained it during somewhere around 60 AD, adjusting the hebrew calendar to gregorian, it will be 2,000 hebrew years. If this is so half hour then is a thousand years (millennium).

Outragious isn't it?

I received so much contention condemnation, and ridicule from this kind of view.

I don't hold much credibility in sharing my insights on prophecy web blogs and commentaries, once they found out I am a Filipino with limited command in english and I have been a prophecy student for just only 10 years, no websites, no books, no position in an organized church.