Eaglet (26 Jan 2020)
"Re: Gino: Souls Under the Altar"


Souls under the altar is like in Genesis where God telling Cain that the blood of Abel is crying out from the ground.

Abrahams Bossom is likened to a picture of a Daddy lying on a hammock with his baby lying on top of him, with the baby's head lying right on top of his chest. When Jesus will come down from the clouds, both of them will be awakened and together with the dead in Christ, they will meet up with Jesus in the air and will be taken to the wedding banquet.

Sleep is commonly described to believers who have died in Christ in the New Testament.

I am not a Sevenrh Day Adventist. I believe in soul sleep. Paul went to the Third Heaven. Whatever he saw there must be consistent to his teachings/testimony. The fact that he termed the believers dead in Christ and asleep, probably he did not see any of the dead yet in the Third Heaven, so to be consistent with 1 Thes 4:13-16,, and with the other Apostles asleep/sleep mentions, and also with Jesus telling His Disciples that Lazarus and the 12yr old girl was just sleeping.