Cinda Godfrey (26 Jan 2020)
"To: Chance "Who is the Restrainer""

Hello Chance,

Thanks for your article posted on January 19 re: the Restrainer.  I am in complete agreement with you and have believed that Trump is the Restrainer for a long time now.  It is really quite obvious.  It can only be Trump.  Additionally, if you look at Revelation 17:10, I believe that Trump is the 7th king who serves only a short time.  Then the 6th (Obummer) returns as the 8th king again (the a.c.) and is sent into perdition.  These "kings" started with Carter who was the first to attempt peace between Israel and the Palestinians on up to Trump who has sevens all through his dates and important events.  So, yes, somehow Trump serves only a short time.  Pray that he is not assassinated (note all the serpent s's in that word).  Once he is gone, all hell breaks loose.  But we are gone, too, as the "falling away" is the rapture.  I believe Trump is a true believer and will be raptured with us.   We see through a glass darkly now but the glass is beginning to clear and as we get closer to "THE DAY", we are understanding so much better.

Great post.  Thank you, Chance.