Chance (26 Jan 2020)
"The 1,290 Day Count in Daniel and the Hebrew Month Adar"

Hello John and Doves,

Just a few thoughts on the 1,290 day count given in Daniel 12:11 -

Daniel 12:11 "And from the time the daily sacrifice is stopped and the abomination of desolation set up, there will be 1,290 days."

From the time of THIS event - the stopping of 'the daily' - to the permitting/inflicting of devastation/desolation - there is a span of 1,290 days.  Note that 'sacrifice' is in italics in Daniel - it's added to 'the daily' and is inferred.  But what if 'the daily' is what is being done now in Jerusalem?  (There was no 'daily sacrifice' when Daniel wrote his prophecy as the Temple had been destroyed.)

Daniel was in Babylon when he wrote his prophetic book - the first Temple had been destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians.  (As a side note, Daniel was in Babylon right into the time period of King Cyrus - the king who allowed the exiled Israelites to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple that Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed.)

If the start of the Tribulation is in our near future, what do they do daily in Jerusalem?

They pray at the Western Wall.  The Jews are not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount...and they have no Third Temple.  The only thing they do daily that could be 'stopped' is praying at The Wall.

"The Kabbalah says that the ever Divine Presence of God will dwell within the Western Wall until the prophesied third temple is rebuilt...Today, there are millions of people from all over the globe and from every nation that come to pray at the Western Wall.  They come just to experience His Divine Presence that touches all lives that are seeking to be touched by Him at this location.  There are millions of people who already discovered the power of prayer at the Western Wall.
The Power of prayer at the Western Wall | Doorway to heaven

David Friedman, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel said that "The Western Wall is the holiest place in the entire Jewish World."  He said this after an unidentified American official said that the Western Wall is not part of Israel's territory, but part of the Palestinian West Bank!
U.S. official denies Western Wall is Israel's

There are some, even here in America, who do not believe The Wall belongs to the Jewish nation.  UNESCO - the UN's world heritage organization - has renamed the Western Wall "Al-Buraq Plaza - the Muslim name.  "On Friday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) Executive Board in Paris adopted a resolution erasing Israel's ties to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall."
UNESCO renames Western Wall “Al-Buraq Plaza”

How could the daily prayers at the Western Wall be stopped?  A 'peace plan' could transfer the ownership of The Wall to the Muslims, possibly giving control to Jordan.  So, how long before the Kushner peace plan is released and we see what is in it?  If not a peace plan, then what else could stop the daily prayers?  UNESCO's resolution could be enforced if a new prime minister gets in office?  If The Wall is not initially in the the peace plan, it could be used as an 'incentive' to the Palestinians to get them to sign on.  Hmmmm.

"President Trump is expected to decide in the next several days whether to present the White House's Middle East peace plan before Israel's March 2 elections..." per U.S. and Israeli sources..."Kushner is expected to travel from Davos to Jerusalem on Wednesday to participate in the Fifth World Holocaust Forum**, where he is likely to meet Netanyahu and his political opponent Benny Gantz - the leader of the Blue and White party - and discuss the peace plan."
Trump to decide in coming days on when to release Middle East peace plan - Axios

Luke 21:20 tells us what this 'abomination of desolation' is - "When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then you will know that its desolation is near."

Luke 21 is the parallel chapter of Mathew 24:14-23 (and Luke 21:20-24) where the disciples ask Jesus 'when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming and of the end of the age?"  Jesus tells them about the 'holy place' (Jerusalem) and "the abomination of desolation" - He then tells the people in Judea to flee from their houses and fields to the mountains and do not try to retrieve any belongings to take with you.  "For at that time there will be great tribulation, unmatched from the beginning of the world until now...." Matthew 24:21

We all know there is no way an army can surround Jerusalem and be a 'surprise' to anyone.  No one in the fields or in the houses will be caught unawares of an approaching army.  That can't happen.  An army would be seen coming from tens of miles away...even if they used tunnels at the border - they couldn't get to Jerusalem without a heads up.  However, drones could surround Jerusalem.  Like the ones used to attack the Saudi oil installations last year.  And scripture says that Jerusalem is attacked and desolated. The occupants flee to the mountains - a perfect hiding place from drones.

We are told in The Revelation and Daniel about 1,260 day count...but we do not know if the extra 30 days of the 1,290 day count written about in Daniel comes before or after the 1,260 day count.  I am considering a Tribulation period of 1,260 days - not 7 years, in this letter.

The Lord tells us that IMMEDIATELY after the tribulation of those days: ".. the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.  At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and all the tribes of earth will mourn.  They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory."  Matthew 24:29-30

The 'tribulation of those days' would be referring to the 1,260 day count which includes Jerusalem being destroyed by her enemies; then the Lord returns. 

All of this, starting with the taking away of the daily to the Lord's return would take place in the 1,290 day count.

I've heard some prophecy teachers say that 1,260 days of a 'three and a half year' tribulation period is not enough time for all of the things to happen in The Revelation.  I disagree - I think things can happen swiftly, simultaneously or one right after the other.  I do not believe 7 years is necessary to complete these prophecies.

So, if the Tribulation is three and a half years (1,260 days) then where do those extra 30 days (of the 1,290) fall?  Before or after the 1,260 days?

It makes more sense to me (with my human reasoning), that these 30 days could come before the Tribulation starts...IF that is correct, and IF the Tribulation is only 1,260 days long, then the Tribulation would need to start in the Spring and end in the fall three and a half years later at the Feast of Trumpets - allowing for the Day of Atonement - Judgment - and the Feast of Tabernacles (fulfilled during the Millennial reign) to occur in quick succession.

Nissan 10 - the day Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem for his Triumphal Entry - is a possible date for the prophetic clock to start ticking again.  The clock stopped when the people did not accept Jesus as their King - which would have fulfilled the prophecy spoken of by Daniel - sealing up all the prophecies.

Luke 19:41,44  "As Jesus approached Jerusalem and saw the city, He wept over it and said, "If only you had known on this day what would bring you peace!  But now it is hidden from your eyes...because you did not recognize the time of your visitation from God." 

With this, the prophetic clock stopped.  So it seems that on some future 10 Nissan it will restart.

This year Nissan 10 is April 4.  IF this day is the start of the Tribulation, then maybe, 30 days before this will start the 1,290 day count.  March 5 is 30 days before April 4.  March 5 is the 9th of Adar.  Right before the Purim celebrations:  March 9 is the Fast of Esther; March 10/11 is Purim.

Hot off the press today!  "President Donald Trump said Thursday (1/23/2020) that he'll likely release the long-awaited White House Mideast peace plan before his meeting early next week with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main political rival Benny Gantz..He said he was surprised that both Netanyahu and Gantz were willing to take a break from campaigning for the March 2 elections to join him Tuesday (January 28, 2020) in Washington.  They would both like to do the deal.  They want to see peace, "Trump said....He said his administration has talked briefly to the Palestinians, who have rejected the administration's peace plan before it even comes out."

President Trump went on to say, "We've spoken to them (the Palestinians) briefly.  But we will speak to them in a period of time...And they have a lot of incentive to do it.  I'm sure they maybe will react negatively at first, but it's actually very positive to them. The Palestinians have warned Israel and the U.S. administration about 'crossing the red lines."
Trump: Mideast peace plan likely rolled out in days - ABC News

So we could see this plan released before this letter is posted on Doves, Sunday 26 - or on Sunday/Monday  - before the Tuesday meeting.  It will be interesting to see what day/date on the Hebrew calendar that this 'peace plan' is released.

Wow!  Just checked the Hebrew calendar for January 28 (when President Trump will meet PM Netanyahu and Gantz to discuss the White House Mideast peace plan) - it's 2 Shevat!

"On this day in 1942 that the Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich met with representatives of the German Police, the S.S. and leading Nazi Party officials to begin discussing the implementation of the so-called, "Final Solution" to the so-called "Jewish Problem." 
2 Shevat - Shoreshim Ministries

(Purim/Book of Esther had connections to 1946 and the ten German officers that were hung on the gallows, like Haman's ten sons.  Purimfest 1946!  See link below.)

Also, the Israeli elections are on March 2, this day is 6 Adar on the Hebrew calendar.  The day Moses died (the day Billy Graham died, 6 Adar)  Not a good day historically for the Jewish people:  A plague killed hundreds of Jews in Worms, German, 1349; the final expulsion of Jews from Lubeck , Germany, 1816; the Germans liquidated the Krakow ghetto, 1943.

March 2nd is the new Israeli elections (6 Adar)...March 5 (9 Adar) is a possible date for the start of the 1290 day count in Daniel.

And add Purim (March 9 - Fast of Esther; March 10 - Purim; March 11 - Shushan Purim) into the dates to watch in the month of Adar. 

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!



** The Fifth World Holocaust Forum will take place on 23 January 2020 in Jerusalem.
Purimfest 1946

I used the calendar for Hebrew dates.

IF, the prophetic clock stopped on 14 Nissan, Passover (April 8th this year), then 30 days before this is March 9.  March 9 is the Fast of Esther, or 13 Adar.  The eve of Purim.  Two very interesting dates to watch.