1 Cor 10:31 (26 Jan 2020)
"~ the rapture COULD happen even BEFORE spring! ~"

Hey again…. going to get tired of hearing from me this week?!!   😊


In that big, long post about being all excited about the (soon coming) rapture…. I mentioned that this spring is my “hoped-for” window……  and it is, PROVIDING it hasn’t happened BEFORE then!!!


All watchers have a good 100 reasons +/- why the rapture can literally happen any day now….. for me, it’s the unveiling of the peace plan next week…. the WILD bizarre weather the world over, the wickedness of the world and how fast & to what degree anyone can learn anything about you…. in a matter of seconds!   A stranger can take a picture of you as you merely pass on the sidewalk and in mere seconds pull up your entire profile!!   Any new, smart car listens to EVERYTHING about you!  And can pinpoint to the inth degree where you are, where you’ve been and at what time.

Cell phones listen to you 24/7 – and this is possible even when they are turned off!!


Surely wickedness & crime have reached a point that, so very soon now, the Lord just won’t wait any longer. 


I noticed a red sky this evening.  My husband later met a friend & mentioned the lightning literally “split” the entire sky!


Any day now…… any moment now!!!!!!!



W A T C H!!!!!!!!   And be ready to meet the Lord.   Pray Luke 21:36