1 Cor 10:31 (26 Jan 2020)
"*******  for [super] SOON rapture -- I am ALLLLLL IN!!!!  *******"

Hey everyone!


On Dec. 29th I wrote something along the lines of how I wished I’d “done other things” with my time & talents over these past 20 +/- years….. “in addition” to watching!!


Fay & Laurie, you both gave me much to think about!  {I ponder things deeply & I may literally think about your comment/s all week long!  heh!!  Just the way I am….}


Fay, I’d love to sit down to iced tea with you – what do you mean you prefer hot?  What do you mean you prefer Earl Grey & crumpets?!   😉   Just joshing with you!  Love your quick, to the punch analysis you provide here weekly!  I seriously considered what you wrote about “watching being a calling” ~ and though I love you so, I do not totally agree with that.   Here’s why:   Luke 12 says if a person will NOT watch  ….. in other words, it’s clearly up to him/her – whether to watch…. Or not……  [in that parable, the person HAD BEEN watching…. Till he finally said to himself, “My lord DELAYS his coming!!” 

Hmm!!  So much like the 5 UNWISE virgins – who DID have their lamps burning, (it’s not that their lamps were never lit!!) but theirs were “GOING OUT”


And over & over & over, we are told (commanded)  to…..what??   TO WATCH!!!!!!   But just cause it’s a command does not necessarily mean people are going to do it!!  Some will, most will not.


And mostly the reason I do not agree is because there’s literally a heavenly crown given to those of us who choose to watch – seems it’s THEEE easiest crown to be awarded – and yet, most will miss out on it!!  If watching was a calling, then we’d all be crowned simply for following our calling.  But it’s something we CHOOSE to do.  And I just wanted to clarify:  I personally never will quit watching!  Nor was I suggesting anyone do the same.  My main thoughts were those who stand on a street corner with a sign…. Yet don’t do anything else in life.  Though honestly that’s not up to me to judge.


This Scripture just came to me: 


Revelation 3:11  I am coming soon. Hold fast to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.


Pulpit Commentary

Verse 11. - I come quickly. Contrast μαι σοι (Revelation 2:5, 16), which is a threat, with ρχομαι πρς μς (John 14:28; comp. Revelation 16:7; Revelation 17:11, 13) and ρχομαι used absolutely (Revelation 3:11; Revelation 22:7, 11, 29), which is a promise. Here the declaration is one of encouragement to the Church - her trial will be short; her reward is near at hand (see notes on Revelation 1:1). Hold fast. The same verb (κρατεν with the accusative) as in Revelation 2:1, 13, 14, 15, 25. The epistle of Ignatius shows that this warning was needed. Owing to the stubborn Judaism of some in the Philadelphian Church, the central truths of the gospel were in danger. Take thy crown. Not merely "take away" (α{ρ) from thee (1 John 3:5), but "receive" (λβ) for himself (Matthew 5:40).


Context, context, context!!!!  Which verse immediately preceeds v. 11?    Revelation 3:10

Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.


Oh my word & to the Lord’s glory & honor!!  If them ain’t rapture goosebumps…. I don’t know what is!!!!!!!


All those who DWELL   (ahem, “live”) on this earth ARE going to be tested?  How?  The Lord Jesus Himself comes forth to give a butt-whuppin’  (pardon, I’m from the south!)…..  to those who chose to sin…..


And “they” ahem, SAY that the rapture concept didn’t start till the 1800’s!!  Big haha on them!!  ISAIAH was written WAAAAAAAAAY before the 1800’s!!!


From Isaiah 26:


Go inside and lock the doors,  (who?)
    my people.
Hide there for a little while,
until the Lord
    is no longer angry.

21 The Lord will come out
to punish everyone
on earth
    for their sins.
And when he does,
those who did violent crimes
    will be known and punished.


MUCH violence will sweep this entire planet once The Restrainer is removed!!!!  There will be NOWHERE to hide!!   The Lord Jesus Christ Himself says it will be THEEE WORST time in human history & if He did not put an end to it when He does, that ALL MEN would be wiped out…… E V E R Y O N E!!!!!!!!!!


The other BIG huge test that will occur for all the world’s inhabitants will be the test to say yes or not to the mark of the beast.  You see, the false prophet….. no, THEEE FALSE PROPHET  [1 John 2:18]  (has got to be worldwide known ahem, “religious” leader with many followers….. anyone POP Ento your mind??!!   (hint:  play on words!!  This is my not-so-humble opinion anyway, as well as that of many other watchers… that “he” may well indeed be the pope)  will cause (FORCE)  everyone on earth to take a certain mark on either their right hand or forehead which swears their allegiance to worship the main WORLD LEADER at that time!!!!   This world leader will be THEE AntiChrist.   Not just any ol’ antichrist who teaches wrongly.  But THEE AntiChrist who will rule the world “in place of” the real Christ.


People LISTEN UP!!!!!!!   It’s not only Dr. Oz who did a vid PROMOTING the “ease” of a chip in the RIGHT HAND just a few years ago – NOW AMAZON is on board, too!!!!!!   And digi-cash is starting to be accepted in many countries!!!!  (as they go cashless!!)

This is all just a hop, skip & a jump to people the world over THROWING THEIR MONEY INTO THE STREET!!!!!!   Because there will come a day – some day VERY SOON, when cash won’t buy as much as a stick of bubble gum!!    


Ezekiel 7:19  “They will throw their money in the streets, tossing it out like worthless trash. Their silver and gold won’t save them on that day of the LORD’s anger.


The ones who’ve lived plush lives (think America as well as Europe) who love their toys – and spend much time, money, and brain cells wondering who’s going to win the Super Bowl may be the ones with the toughest time making a decision to either worship the AntiChrist & take the mark, [because they’ve lived their lives at ease & chocked full of comfort] or to say no to all of it & be tortured, then likely killed.  Scripture is very plain that heads will be chopped off.  Sigh!  I’ve heard some throw their chests back & roar of how happily they’ll die for the Lord.  OH REALLY?  When you won’t LIVE FOR HIM NOW????


And you thought they had it rough in the Dark Ages?  Honeys!  That was a mere picnic.  I can’t paint a bad enough picture – except to say that TAKE ALL THE WORLD WARS, the U.S. Civil War, the Korean war  (have a friend in his late ‘80s who, bless his heart, to this day still has NIGHTMARES from the Korean War!!!     Very sad, I’m just glad he’s a Christian & some day all those horrible memories will not beat him up any more!)…. The Vietnam War, take ALL WARS this world over – combine them, and nothing will compare to what’s coming upon this earth!!!!!


You say, well thanks a lot you rag-tag old lady for “depressing me”!  Where’s the hope in that??!!!


Titus 2:13!!!!   I have this Scripture plaque on my wall:  “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ”


THIS kind of hope ~ we are LOOKING for!!!!!!  (as in WATCHING for the Lord to come!!!)   And it is BLESSED HOPE!!!!!!   {not blasted hope – as in you’re going to get all beat up in the Tribulation and THEN the Lord is going to rescue you!!}  Nope, folks, that is for (only) the Tribulation Saints!!  And being compassionate, we are sorry even they must go through that, but hey what’s Biblically prophesied WILL Come to pass.  And if the rapture is what it takes to wake people up….. then so be it.


“Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge will award to me on that day --and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing..”  1 Tim 4:8


We did  W H A T?????  Hid our heads in the sand?  Whiled away precious time?

The Living Bible puts it this way:  for all who eagerly look forward to his appearing.


Are we watching?  Are we watching EAGERLY??


Do we realize that the Lord’s coming – though we feel we’ve waited ‘a long time’ could very possibly be RIGHT AT THE VERY DOOR????   That it “may” even be as close as this spring??  [I’m not setting dates, but this is certainly my hoped-for window!!]


I’m sorry, I know this writing is just all over the place.  See, my brain is just piston-firing here, because I am very excited about the Lord’s soon appearing!!!  No matter how bad – no matter “how good” things are “down here” – there’s just a dark, void in my soul – until I am finally AT HOME WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!    Absolutely nothing else can begin to compare!!!!


Like the woman at the well I was seeking
For things that could not satisfy:
And then I heard my Savior speaking:
” Draw from my well that never shall run dry”.

There are millions in this world who are craving
The pleasures earthly things afford;
But none can match the wondrous treasure
That I find in Jesus Christ my Lord.

Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up, Lord!
Come and quench this thirsting of my soul;
Bread of heaven, Feed me till I want no more–
Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole!


Laurie, Dear, on your post, I quote you:  Instead of focusing on the hustle and bustle of what is happening in the big world, I realized my little world was of supreme interest to God.  There were those that would need encouragement or someone to walk alongside them.  Some would need my laughter-I’m told I have an infectious laugh:)


Cannot WAIT To hear your infectious laughter!!!  Did you ever know prophecy expert, Zola Levitt?  Oh my, I’d nearly roll on the floor any time I’d hear that man laugh!!!!  Truly a DELIGHTFUL laugh, a joyful noise unto the Lord!    I look forward to spending eternity beside him.


And I AGREE with what you say here!!!   Yes, OF COURSE “our little world” is of supreme interest to God!!!!   You see, this was part of my discontent.  For the past 45 years, I was going to write a novel… romance, whatever, just something “good” people would want to read.  I do know some best selling authors, by the way, and am friends with one.  Perhaps some of you ladies have read her stories.  Me, I would start & stop over the years:  start & stop, start & stop….. life always had a way of well “getting in the way”!  We’ve endured what often felt like a mountain of challenges so my writing was always put on the backburner.  So alas:  “my” novel never got written.  The Lord had other plans for me!  I’ve had a letter writing ministry.  True!  I have a box I’ve kept over the years where relatives & friends would often say, “your letters saved my life!”  ~~ “I could never have made it without your letters!”.


I’m NOT bragging!!  I’m just deeply grateful & humbled that the Lord so chose to use this vessel in this way.  BUT I will admit to – you know how we’re told to run the race???  Till we finally hear our “well done good & faithful servant”?..... well my mistake was I was wanting to get out of my own lane & run in my friend’s lane!  I have this secret hope that since, by my own opinion, I failed to accomplish what I’d hoped to do down here, that the Lord will allow me to write for all eternity in heaven!!  That & take care of the animals!!  And gawk – just purely gawk at the Lord & His radiance.  Oh, I just cannot believe we’re gonna’ be there so soon now!!!   (as in yes, I CAN believe it – this is why I’m on fire!!)


Laurie & others:  as far as focusing on what’s going on in the world……As we’re told, there is a time and a season for everything under heaven – it’s true, some days I “am” watching what is happening in the world.  Other days, I cannot “take” another single news story!!  Even my local news depresses me.  Murder – murder – robbed – beaten – raped, child molestation, child abuse…. Oh!!  Now time for the weather!! /news anchor smiles….  Ugh, ugh, ugh, it just beats down your spirit.

Even the sites I would normally surf to get the latest prophecy info or to find out just HOW BAD things are “inside” the church these days – some times I’m just not “up” to it.  How can the joy of the Lord possibly be my strength when I’m beat down lower than a snake’s belly??


One person who posts here regularly called it “NONSENSE” to not keep up with the news.  Well, let me tell you, crass comments like that caused me to stop reading this person’s posts all together.  It is NOT nonsense to take a much needed break from the horrendously awful last-day news!!!!!   Jesus told His disciples to come apart & rest for a while!!  {they’d been busy trying to meet everyone’s needs & nothing wears a person out more!}   If we do NOT rest….. do we simply “come apart”?   I’ve heard others say that as well, it’s not original.


If you’ve read this far along – heh, probably my all time longest post here, well again I apologize for being “all over the place” with this.  But I just wanted to shout it from the rooftops!!   JESUS IS COMING SOON!!!!  And we’re going HOME at last!!!!!!!!!


WATCH AND PRAY ALWAYS “to be” accounted worthy to escape all these things & to stand before the Lord!!!!!    Luke 21:36



“This” on fire enough for ya’, Coach Corey?!   BIG SMILE!!!!   I smiled at getting a pep talk!!  I’ve never been a quarterback before!!!   Smiles!!


Also thanks to Terry James who, this past week, reminded us of Scripture TO WATCH!!!!!  Simple as that!!!!


And thanks to David Cloud who recently wrote about the rapture.


And thanks to some of the wildest news stories I’ve ever seen in my life – do not have time to post them right now, but it’s what ignited me to realize just how very close we are now!!!!!!




RAPTURE!!!!!!   Are you all in??  To go up soon??


Jesus IS coming!!!   He is coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!