TH (8 Jan  2017)
"SO,.....WHAT'S NEXT ?"

   SO,.....WHAT'S NEXT ?

Well,....the BAD guys are going to show up.  WHO...will do the "Reveal"... ?  The
Russians ?  Us ?  or some other Gov.   Who knows ?  Doesn't matter "who",  what
matters is,... are they believable ....  Well, How About.. the pope ?   He's credible enough to be believed to be "speaking" the "Truth".....Yeah, right !  R U sure U want to believe the pedophile gang is "Truthful" in their assessment of what is going on.? The demonically controlled
"World" is evil and duplicit (sp) in their mega crimes....we can NOT believe a single
word puked from their mouths. They are killing and eating little kids...and this is
orchestrated by the demons that are responsible for their great success in the
World of "showbiz", super industry, and the like.  In exchange for this "Worldly"
success, the demons have these people do most the despicable acts. They DEMAND
supplication of those they prosper. A "few" wake up and refuse to continue to do
the humiliating acts that the demons demand they do to continue their success.
Konway (sp) being one of the latest to rebel and head to hospital to "get right" in his
head......(then show up @ Trump's) for reassurance that he, at last, has figured it out.
Really smart folks get it, and realize, they have to band together in order not to be
Killed for waking up and figuring out  what is really going on, and WHO is behind the
whole thing. demons demanding of those who have traded their souls for the here
and now, are compelled to do the most despicable acts of humiliation in order to
appease them. Acts so depraved that some refuse and chose instead to give up
their careers and fade into obscurity. Bravo for them....we hope for nothing but the
best for them......may they be forgiven for their initial stupidity.  Our fervent wish for
the immediate future is the exposure of ALL those who are part of the lucifarian
pedophile network and that they be brought to Justice. The ground-swell of information
on the Net. about their "doings" will, hopefully, have the same effect as the ground-
swell that defeated the witch and her monkeys.  We MUST NEVER let up in our
pursuit in exposing these animals.  We MUST also Pray for the safety of the Donald.
End Time Prophecy of all being REVEALED is coming to pass and we must Pray for
this to include the worst and most vile crime in Human History be included in that
Prophecy. They are trying to head this off with their "fake news" campaign, so we
MUST fight back with constant reference and NOT quit until they are exposed.
Do NOT BE SILENT !  Make it a topic of discussion when ever and where ever
possible.  We know that "ground swell" works, let's do this ! !

                                     MARANATHA !
                                            T H