TH (29 Jan 2017)

                             HIGH POINT..LOW POINT......?
   Well, we have TRUMP.   (or does he have us?)  Point being, is this a good thing as
far as us Rapture Believing Christians are concerned or Not ?  Remains to be seen. We
know that he touts himself to be a "Christian", but so do a lot of people. Can we believe
him ? Maybe...? ...but WHAT TYPE of Christian do we have here ?  A PEW WARMER !?
Show me something that PROVES otherwise !  However, like most of his type, he tries
to be, and to hold himself, to a standard which is at least "acceptable" to mainstream
Christianity, as it's perceived today.  It's the BEST we can hope for in satan's World we
find ourselves in today, so It's a plus.  Here's the thing tho, Trump is a "Worldly" dude.
So I believe, he is Not of Himself, but is being USED by GOD to do whatever it is that
HE has in mind for us (USA) & HIS Own.  That means...Fear in control
(as ALWAYS).    l hate when this happens, but I had a mistaken Bible verse reference
"Typo" in my letter about how GOD..NOW looks at who is actually JEWISH in the NEW
COVENANT...I typed..Rom. 10:22 oops...Typo...shoulda been Heb. 8:9 & Heb. 8:13 
just for some added weight to the "NEW" Jews... NOT..NOT...NOT. "Replacement "
Theology ... which is a load of crap !  The "Jews" are WELCOMED into the NEW
HONORS !...Read it and the Ask HIM about it in Prayer.  IF you don't HEAR HIS VOICE
telling (explaining) what the written words will NOT understand or come 
to the RIGHT conclusion as to the True Meaning of HIS WORD ..PERIOD ! (1 John 2:27)
Another HUGE MISTAKE the"left" makes is when they put forth their narrative that
they present with/by a person that has an accent** to tell us ...Americans...
what is WRONG with us.....are you KIDDING ME ?  Some chump  that CAN'T even to tell us where we are WRONG..about..ANYTHING?   We are
supposed to lend credence to these LOSERS just because they are sanctioned by
the leftist commies ?  These people think we are stupid......that is because they
think of themselves as being so superior to the rest of us. They can't conceive that
we might actually have a valid perception in ANY situation or condition. For example,
how would you feel being given an order by a "policeman" that has an accent ?  
I would have a very hard time complying !    I see where NYC cops are NOW
allowed to wear "turbans" while in uniform. WHAT ?  Good Luck w/ that !  And... IF 
the rag rag head has an "accent" ?  Better put them on parking meters. That PC
crap is OVER !  I have to ask...are we going to be Raptured at a "low" point or a "high"
point, Spiritually speaking ?  Are we going to experience an increase in the FEELING
of our In-dwelt HOLY SPIRIT ? An "exhilaration" leading up to our Meeting JESUS ?  
I know I would LIKE THAT rather than a "rescue" from a low point,...if I had a choice.
However, I'm up for whatever the LORD has in mind. That includes HIS Timing, even 
tho waiting is trying, we can use this time to "keep gettin the WORD out" to those we
are led to. There is GREAT JOY when we witness someone come to the LORD and
THAT is well worth the "Wait".   MARANATHA !   YBIC  T H     
                                                                     **there are exceptions....MDs, Profs. etc.
                                                                           (ref. is to "authorities")