Neil Lipken (8 Jan 2017)
"Regardless of whatever time is now left to the Rapture, this is a great short video!"

How much time does America have left before the Rapture, and then the 7 year Tribulation beginning?   The New World Order hates Trump so much, will they pull something so huge as to stop his inauguration?   We are sitting right now just after the extremely rare lunar eclipse tetrad of 2014-15, and we are just beginning the very prophetic year of 2017 on the timeline.   Israel should, I said should, be building the Third Temple in 2017, but that does mandate the Rapture to happen first!

P.S.    After Reagan, all of the "Presidents" that we have had have been New World Order lackeys---------George H.W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush, and now Obama!   At last we have a President who will be opposed to the New World Order.   In the past Kennedy and Reagan opposed the New World Order.   Kennedy ended up in a casket, and though Reagan survived a bullet, he was forced to take an entire cabinet of New World Order folks (either Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, or Bilderberg folks).   Since WW II Donald Trump is the greatest threat of all to the New World Order.   Trump is a nationalist who believes in America, and does not want America to go into a global government.   But after the Rapture when the Tribulation begins, America then indeed will go into a global government under the antichrist, and life will be terrifying in America and all over the earth!