Mary Adams (29 Jan 2017)
"Prophecies and Opinions"

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Recently I was sent an email which discussed a prophecy which had to do with our now-president Donald Trump.  I did a bit of investigation and prayer about it (and others), and since I was asked to give an opinion about it, the following were my thoughts which emerged:
Whether a prophecy or a  prophet is correct or not, I see things differently regarding Trump and the time we are in right now.  Yes, I do believe Trump was an answer to the prayers of many of God’s people who see the mess we are in and cry for righteousness to be restored.  Also, people who saw the evil in the opposition’s rise to power. We are already seeing good come from his election to the presidency,  but for any evil to be overcome means changes must take place—but they are changes which disturb Satan’s plans.
We may be surprised a bit, but there is one evil which stands out in this discussion, as it has appeared (to me) to be the defining factor of which a nation will prosper and which will face God’s judgement—regardless of its leader: It is how that nation deals with abortion. All throughout history,  how its leaders, its’ government, its’ religious consciousness, treats this subject has affected its’ fate.
Nations come and go—rise and prosper, but only as its people consider, honor and  apply what God thinks about things. New movements and ideas come and go, but eternal things are truths that do not rust away or disappear when thrown overboard.   Nations may try to hide it, but my country’s figure of 60 million abortions does not go away.  No real Christian who reads his or her bible can push God’s thinking aside on this subject.  His Word speaks loudly about it while the world view is marches in our streets, hailing its “rights” and demanding its evil be the rule.
Sadly, people create a “dream world”  in their minds.  This planet is not heaven, because of man’s fall.  And fig leaves do not cover our shame as we try to walk through our “garden”, knowing God will still come in the cool of our evenings wanting fellowship with us. Sadly, we conveniently avoid Him, because He exposes us to ourselves as He brings His light with Him.
We all want to live in an America restored---but restored to what?  The idea is that plentiful jobs, prosperity for all, crime subdued, and everyone happy is our goal.  Trump represents that goal, and it is certainly a good one.  But there is little mention of the price to be paid for that to happen. Something beyond our feeling good, happy, and prosperous. 
Abraham’s nephew Lot looked down at that valley of Sodom and thought it was a good place to start.  Opportunity! Opportunity to fufill his visions and suceed.  But he soon discovered  his righteous soul was “vexed” at all the wickedness he saw and had to overlook as he lived there.  Such is the same today in the hearts of God’s people.  Our hearts are “vexed”, only because we know what righteousness demands—and has to be the factor which determines destiny.    That is why we love prophecy that tickles our hearts, preaching that does not remind us to repent and change, and sermons that only paint pretty pictures---forgetting what true prophets of God had to suffer because of their calling.
Then there is the Word of God.  The Bible is a book of prophecy..both what has happened and transpired, and what the future holds which is to come to pass. This is centered around Israel and God’s covenant with His people which He made with Abraham.  THAT will stand, no matter what.  Trump may have a rather shallow understanding of it, but God’s hand is guiding and using him to fufill it. He has placed true men of God in his pathway,to influence his agenda and guide his thoughts. They too are part of the answer to what is happening right at this moment of time.
His announcement that he intends to move our embassy to Jerusalem is monumental, for it has already created the groundwork for a world confrontation between Israel and Islam coming to the very near forefront.  Everything happening today is racing to fufill what has already been prophesied in God’s word. It will not change, and tho there may be a temporary “lala land” experience with Trump’s emergence, the days ahead  will reveal just how shallow or how spiritually strong we are when truth comes barreling in our pathway.
So these are my thoughts concerning prophets and prophecies and what they have to say about this hour:
Trump has emerged as God’s finger, placed on the trigger of a pistol already loaded and cocked...
Nothing new about that...