John B (8 Jan 2017)
"Sharing a couple of thoughts"

The bible says in Revelation 14 that Jesus is accompanied after the great resurrection by His own personal “righteous” entourage......these are the 144,000 chosen descendants from the lineage of Jacob that will accompany Him wherever He goes. Revelation 14:4
Not to be outdone, I believe that soon Obama will acquire his own entourage. Only this one will not be “righteous” or friendly. His entourage will be Satanic in nature and composed of Satanic beings ......fallen angels, demons, UFO’s etc. They will become his personal security forces to insure that no mere mortal can harm him or endanger his life because indeed he is a living breathing man. This will be like something out of a horror movie where the evil master is surrounded by the most evil of security forces.
The antichrist though won’t have to worry about the endangerment of his life. God tells us in Revelation 17 that he (the antichrist) comes from the bottomless pit and is... already dead. He’s a spirit being that will arise from this pit and take over another person’s image or in this case (I believe) “empty shell”. What I mean is.........don’t be at all surprised if that empty shell to be taken over now occupies a space in a cryogenic chamber in the bowels of the Vatican complex. 
All of this coming soon to a theater near may bring popcorn, but only if you have a sign on your forehead or hand
Are Obama’s security forces arriving now on the world the video below and you tell me