John B (8 Jan 2017)
"Could the next two weeks be the most dangerous and evil in U.S. history?"


I believe that there is great danger in these remaining days before the Trump inauguration. The demonic globalists that control America have not raised the white flag of surrender. Whatever Obama says believe just the opposite. He administration will do all it can do to insure a smooth transition of power from my administration to the Trump administration. He has done just the direct opposite...... and it is my belief that he (Obama) will not relinquish power on the 20th of January.

Right now there is a consorted effort by the Demon-rats, high ranking evil Republicans (McCain, Graham) and our evil “political” intelligence community to declare Trump an agent of the Russian government and steal the presidency from him. Link explaining that below...

Does this fit into biblical prophecy?

I have several times posted to Doves my belief that Obama is the second beast spoken of in Revelation 13 the one who comes from the earth, not the bottomless pit........ and the one who's nickname is “the false prophet”. And the one who's name is connected to the number 666 which is the last description given to us from God in Revelation 13 that describes this second beast...... this evil person, who comes from the earth. John Tng and others from the Doves site have done an outstanding job of mathematically linking Obama to this 666 number.

What would constitute a “false prophet” ?

Could it be someone who declares and declares and declares promises, statements, proclamations, etc. and these statements, these prophesies of future happenings always turn out to be false. Does that not describe Obama to a T? Everything about this person has been based upon a lie. Who he is, where he came from, his education, his social security number, his selective service number, his birth certificate, his wife, his children, his everything.......seemingly is based on lies. So then, would an honest assessment of him (by God) be a “false prophet”? I vote yes. If he proclaims his beliefs or what his actions will be or the events to come..... undoubtedly the opposite has happened and will happen. This is a liar or as I believe God put it.....a false prophet.

We know from scripture in Revelation 13 that this “false prophet” will be the enforcer for the first beast or the Antichrist. He, this false prophet will have the power to force people to do all manors of evil things for them to just survive. Has Obama not already “demon”strated his evil agenda on America by almost completely collapsing the morality of this country in 8 years with his edicts, his behavior and executive orders?

In my mind the only way he can continue to stay in power and fulfill his demonic destiny to be the Antichrist's enforcer is to somehow remain the head of the U.S. military. And the only way he can do that is to re-capture the presidency by declaring Trump an evil agent of the Russia government due to the so called (ginned- up) hacking issues.

Obama and the evil in high government positions......the U.S. Intelligence communities and the demonically controlled main stream media.... Ephesians 6:12 …..will be more than accommodating and agreeable to frame Trump and steal his presidency using this “false flag event”. This coup, this framing will cause a civil war in America and a state of martial law because half of us will not swallow this evil pill. This will, I believe, lead to the filling of all those FEMA camps that they have constructed in America. It's been reported that globalist troops (that appear to already be stationed here) will help with this takeover.

I have recently written to Doves on the two signs that appear this year in the heavens above. One in September (the great Revelation 12 sign) that I believe kicks off the 7 year tribulation period and the other Revelation 12 Red Dragon sign that appears before September probably this spring that signals the rapture of the church.

If this time line is true...... then Satan and his forces (Obama etc.) know that they can not now relinquish power and will do anything and everything to retain that power. Staging a false flag act against Trump is peanuts compared to what they staged at 911. I pray I am wrong and Trump will get a chance to “drain the swamp” but biblically I don't see that happening.

I think the Satanic evil powers that control this world know they have to stage their forces for what is soon to come biblically....... and Trump is just a bump in the road on their evil agenda. Again pray I am wrong and we don't soon see headlines from the evil main stream media outlets declaring the arrest of Donald Trump as an evil Russian agent who is and are complicit in conspiring with them to destroy America. Do you really believe that our collective intelligence agencies (mostly the top officials) couldn't bake a poison cake with these ingredients to be served up to the mostly brain dead / chem-trailed Americans and that half of them wouldn't swallow it? It's also a recipe for chaos and anarchy......just what they wanted and ordered. Prepare to be loaded on the buses.

And recently I proposed to Doves that there would be a war over our heads with Satan's forces battling Michael's (God's) forces during or near the Red Dragon sign in the heavens (this spring?). Has that war fired is initial salvos? Watch this video from Jerusalem from last week and you be the judge.


Blessings Doves and please pray for Donald Trump and this country.......John B

PS...I sure hope I am wrong and Donald gets a chance to drain that demonic swamp, I would relish watching that transpire.  But......doesn’t scripture say these rapture events the last got to love the way God doubles and sometimes triples the meanings of words or phrases in the bible