John B (8 Jan 2017)
"Just move along folks........nothing to see here"



How far can you see and focus off in the distance from a high mountain or straight up into the heavens?

I would say, on a very clear atmospheric day we might be able to see a skyscraper maybe 50 -100 miles away . We see jumbo jets flying at 30,000 feet as a mere speck in the sky and if those jets were at 60,000 feet it would be very hard to see them... if at all. That's only about 11 miles up. What if it were possible that these jets were 1000 times larger and they were not 11 miles up but a 1000 miles up....... could we see them with our naked eye? I think not.

So then, in my way of thinking our eyes have limitations as to how far we can see and focus on an object regardless of how big it might be. Yet.... we look up in the sky, focus quite nicely on this giant red ball we call our sun and are told it is 93 million miles away. That's 930,000 times (x) farther that we are suppose to be able to see with the naked eye. Doesn't that raise a giant red flag in the logic and reasoning part of your brain as to how that's possible? It should....... and it's only the very tip of the iceberg.

I believe you will find the answer to that question and also open the biggest jar of worms you could ever imagine when you watch the below linked video’s. These video’s are only two of many video's on this topic that can be viewed on YouTube.

After viewing many of these video's and drawing the seemingly obvious conclusions I was very very upset at the great deception but yet it filled in and answered many confusing questions I had concerning biblical end time events and other worldly oddities.

I encourage the rest of you Doves to delve into this arena of material and judge for yourselves if millions (including myself) have lost our minds and gone off the deep end or if indeed we (you and I) have been fed the biggest, boldest deception ever.

After my digesting this information and reflecting back on some of the posts I made to the Doves site over the years, I now have to recant certain aspects of those posts as false. Like the number of satellites I told you that are circling our planet. I even have to recant the word planet. If I am confusing you, prepare yourself to be flabbergasted.

I would love feedback from you Doves as to what I believe is the greatest deception ever enacted on mankind....... or have I indeed drunk tainted KoolAid.......I think the former.

Also if one reads God's phrases literally concerning His earthly creation that are found in many areas of scripture and in other ancient books like Enoch all of a sudden those phrases or descriptions are spot on........literally spot on. The four corners of the earth, the foundations of the earth, when he comes every eye will see Him, when He puts a banner in the sky all (on earth) will see it at the same time, the firmament,  and the list goes on and on

Blessings Doves...........John B

P.S. Do you really believe that we are spinning west to east on a globe (a ball) at over a thousand miles an over 19 miles per second or 32x the speed of a bullet? Don't you think you could feel the sensation of that speed? Think!!!!.....of course you could...... but you're not, because it isn't happening.

Brainwashing / deception is a cruel recipe......... especially when it's used and contrived to convince you that there is no creator, you are not special, earth is a mere speck in the vast cosmos, you evolved from pond scum, and we shouldn't be concern with religious fantasies like someone who loved us so much that they would send their only son to die for us.........just move along folks, nothing to see here

He warned us......Ephesians 6:12

Satan is a liar and the father of all lies, he controls this earth and his deceptions are great .....great indeed