John B (29 Jan 2017)
"The Deception Continues in Earnest"

For the last couple of weeks I have raised the red flag of deception concerning the arrangement of our earth, our sun, our moon and other heavenly bodies. My belief mirrors many others who have broached this most controversial of topics.....whether to believe what the bible says about how God arranged the earth and the heavens above or to believe what modern science (Satan) dictates is that arrangement. Whether the earth is stationary on a flat plane with the sun revolving around it as the center of the universe or whether we live on a ball spinning at over a thousand miles per hour orbiting the sun which is 93 million miles away.
The answers to those questions appear obvious and easy, we learned them in second grade. Or did we not learn anything but what Satan wanted us to. I won’t go into all the facts and figures that I did in the last couple of weeks but I would like to link an article below that I picked from the Drudge Report this week that touts the extraordinary pictures that “were said to have been taken” by a fancy new weather satellite that was supposed to have recently been put into orbit.
The first picture in the article is a partial view of earth and it “just happens” to capture the moon in the background. The clarity is amazing and would seem to perfectly agree with their story narrative that this satellite and the quality of it’s pictures are amazing. And that statement would be true if these pictures were real and not computer generated all their (NASA) pictures  are.
Go back and look at that picture again, it appears to be taken at the most a couple hundred miles above the planet and has also just happened to have captured the moon in the frame. Now from a distance perspective, you look down at the earth a hundred miles away and then glance up at the moon and its right there in detail. The only thing is the moon as per what we are told (by the Satanists) is supposed to be 240,000 miles away, which means...... we could not possibly see it. The best of cameras in the world could only focus and take a picture across the earth’s surface a tiny fraction of that distance.
So, from a distance perspective it’s laughable that anyone seriously thinking about it would believe this picture could be anything but what it is ......a computer generated image, to try to deceive, any and all, who might view it.  They input a tiny amount of green and blue and massive clouds and declare it’s earth. Absolutely no detail of anything below but make sure that a curvature appears to insure their propaganda that the earth is a ball and not a flat plane. Think about what you could see from that altitude trying to peer through our atmosphere looking vertically down or horizontally at the supposed moon. Would a picture from there have that amount of color and clarity? Only in Hollywood or a NASA studio or in the minds eye of their computers. It should be embarrassing and greatly offensive to all of us that an obviously computer generated image is posted to the media in an attempt to justify the billions spent on their false space program.
That’s the only good thing Obama ever did......he cut the funding to this NASA ruse as soon as he took office. I believe he knew the truth and de-funded their expensive deception.
Maybe I am just smokin’ some bad stuff.....or maybe you guys and your cameras can take crystal clear photos at a quarter million miles away. You decide...
Blessings Doves.....John B