Gerry Almond (29 Jan 2017)
"We may be really close now...the events seem to so dictate."

January 29, 2017

I have been a very long time watching. So, when someone came up with the date of February 4/5 and tied several things to it, it rang a bell from a long time ago.

Jeanne Dixon, as reported by Ruth Montgomery, had a “gift of prophecy”. Her most frightening one and her most important and memorable one occurred in Feruary, 1962. Dixon said that, in a vision, not a dream, she saw a child, born of Egyptians queen Neferfitti and Pharaoh Amenhotep IV. The infant became brilliant in a halo of light and then multitudes worshiped him. (Satan appears as an angel of light). Nerfitti, who was a devotee to the Egyptian sun god, Amon fled into the wilderness where she was knifed in the back and screamed her way into the oblivion of the sun's disk.

Dixon was very frightened by the vision and she was certain that a major event date for the world to remember was to be on February 5, 1962, or some future year, which would affect the future world vastly because of the birth of a child. The birth was not necessarily on that date but the vision of his coming and workings was to somehow tied to the date of February 5. She emphasized the importance of Nerfertiti and Amenhotep IV to the world.

Some of our watchers have compared Obama in appearance to Pharaoh Amenhotep as I remember. This fits the present scenario of happenings in the world.


This adds another dimension to Superbowl Sunday, which is to be February 5, 2017. Obama has ended his tenure as the 6th “king” of America, the home of the superbowl game, and God's Trump has replaced him, BUT ONLY FOR A SHORT TIME. Obama, the child in Jeanne Dixon's vision of February 5, 1962 will rise again to replace the Trump, and I believe it will occur February 5, 2017.***(See below)

One message just recently in support of February 5 is that it completes exactly 666 months of age for Obama.

Another interesting item is his remark made at the last speech as President to the effect that he would nag Trump from the sidelines?? Of the Superbowl?? February 5, 2017.

***Biblically speaking, John the Revelator in chapter 17: 10, he has been identified as the 6th “king of America beginning with those that thought of themselves as kings instead of elected officials. The first such was Jimmy Carter, a flaming liberal intent on bringing in a new world order. Then came Ronald Reagan, who was God's merciful provision to turn America back to its proper place, then came George Bush, Sr. who spoke openly of a new world order, then William Clinton, a flaming liberal who did what he could to bring in a new world order, then George Bush, Jr. (keeping the leadership of America in the family of liberal, skull worshiping people), and then, the big one Barry Soretoro, aka Barack Obama as number 6. He did everything in his power to destroy America. Then came the last trump of God, Donald Trump as the 7th. He appears to be a savior president, but his time is to be brief (a short space). And the beast (Obama) is to become the 8th, back again.


God saw to it that His Trump was saved at the prayer breakfast on inauguration day. He will be removed at the rapture. His second in command, Vice President Pence is a devout and born again Christian, and he too, will be removed. Many of the evangelicals that propelled Trump to power will also be gone as will all of us Philadelphia spirit Christians. Many of his cabinet will also be taken. The political world in America will be decimated. The world will therefore become very dark spiritually speaking on the day of the rapture. The Apostle Paul told us that this will happen at the very same time as “sudden destruction” (I Thess 5:2). Watchers have told us this destruction will be both by fire and by water. There will be left behind the unrepentant Laodicea spirit Christians for a short time. These will be in utter chaos, and the howling mobs in the streets will all call for Obama, Obama!! Deliver us Obama. The beast will rise once again to power but this time, it will be worldwide. He will be considered a savior of the survivors. America will be in ruins, if not totally gone. The great harvest of the lost will be underway as the great tribulation kicks into play.

In Israel, the Palestinians and Arab enemies will swarm all over Israel to take the land away from God's people. This may occur on February 4, the sabbath day in Israel. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE HERE THAT THE EXACT MID POINT OF WINTER IS FEBRUARY 4/5. Why is this important to note? Because Jesus said in Matthew 24:15ff (paraphrased) “When you see the abomination, then flee to the mountains and don't even take a coat, or clothing, or anything from your house. For this is the onset of great tribulation and woe to nursing mothers and pregnant women, because you will lose the babies. BUT PRAY THAT THIS NOT TAKE PLACE IN THE WINTER NOR ON THE SABBATH DAY. The dead of winter is February 4, and that is on a sabbath day!!

Michael, the archangel will fight for Israel as he did in ancient times. Jerusalem will become the focus of the screaming Arabs and Palestinians. Chaos will rule the holy land. The Jews will defend Jerusalem and the holy mount with all their might. And two witnesses will step forth along with 144,000 warriors of God to spread the good news of Jesus salvation to the masses. A harvest of souls will be gained, a number so large that it can't be counted by men.

The heavenly forces of the binary star system that has already arrived will cause massive destruction on the face of earth, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, massive storms, etc. And finally a partial or complete pole shift will doom most of civilization to destruction. Then God will renew the earth in preparation for the Kingdom Age.

Brethren, I believe that the time for our departure has finally come.

Watch with me.


Gerry Almond