Fay (8 Jan 2017)
"Zero is a Fool"


Hi John and Doves,

After immersing myself in all the political bilge of the last months (in the interest of prophecy - NOT for enjoyment, you understand) I have really, definitely, absolutely realised that Zero is an idiot. Under his watch, the world has become a very scary place. All this GAY stuff, for example. Seriously - we had all come to terms with - a long long long time ago - the fact that being homosexually inclined appears to be a human condition. For some. Not all. And certainly not for the majority. If that's how they want to live - so be it. I don't approve, but who am I to judge? It doesn't hurt me or kill me. Just don't take my face and rub it in the kitty litter. It's like normalising paedophlia. I have to accept that this hideous perversion exists but I don't need to be told it is "normal". When my common sense and reasoning tells me it is NOT. Also, it hurts and kills children. End of argument.

Under Obama - the world has changed for the worse. The lavatory debacle is a perfect example. I find it hard not to laugh. What Dad is going to allow his young daughters into a lavatory/ restroom situation where there are grown men (or young males) dressed as females - pretending to feel more comfortable in the ladies loo???? It's hysterical. What a perfect way to divide the world and create rubbish arguments over something so ridiculous? Over nothing. Obama and his ilk are attempting to dictate to the sensible world that this IS an issue and we must all be mindful and respectful. I would rather die than accept this utter bilge.

So - Obama is the man who has brought this bilge into the conversation. Hillary would have carried it further, if she had been elected. Thank God, common sense prevailed. If Obama saw fit to bring in the homosexual agenda, it stands to reason he is against anything good. Therefore, this debacle over Israel is very telling. It is not from a good place. It is not from a good person. He's an idiot. A fool. And it's time we all started seeing that and calling him out.

I pray for the day of the LORD. Where total scummy, evil idiots like Zero, are eliminated.