Fay (8 Jan 2017)
"Two Witnesses are needed to Verify"

So far - we have had two people verify the prophecy of the nearness of Messiah. The nearness of the attack on Israel. These two people are Nathan and Caroline. Two very different people. One - a young, naive secular Israeli lad. The other, a fervently Orthodox Jewish woman - older and a wife and mother. The similarities between their prophetic visions are startling. I shall link both video clips below and encourage you to check out for yourselves. Caroline was told to cry out to Rabbi Ovadia in her hour of desperation. Nathan not only met Rabbi Ovadia, but also shook his hand. Nathan saw that Rabbi Ovadia was the head of the judges in the court of Lower Gan Eden. They both spoke a lot about the mountain that some people can enter and some people cannot. Nathan named the mountain - The Mount of Olives. People will be running, running, running - trying desperately to reach that mountain. They both spoke about the spiritual level of people - the anguish each sin causes in Heaven - how their lives are played out before them - like a giant movie screen. Prior to that, they both spoke of the terrible punishments being meted out in Gehenna. They were shown everything. Nathan tried his best to explain the awfulness of it but the young lad does not have the emotional vocabulary that Caroline has acquired with years and experience. At around the 33 minute mark in Nathan's video clip, he brings up the coming war, which he said started on 11th September 2015. He says Obama started this war and that he will bring all his armies to the Middle East, close to and surrounding Israel. At first - all the warring soldiers and armies will be busy fighting each other - ignoring Israel. Then something happens...........something that will cause ALL 70 NATIONS to unite and attack Israel. Hmmmm - now where have we heard that incessant mantra before? 70 NATIONS, 70 NATIONS, 70 NATIONS. Huh.........it's from all the media coverage re this looming "Peace Conference" on 15th January, 2017 in France !! I wonder if these politicians will be spouting things like "Peace and Safety" after this diabolical conference has achieved it's ungodly aim. Because 1 Thessalonians 5:3 tells us, "While they are saying 'Peace and Safety', then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child and they will not escape". As an aside - I have just noticed the  ' 153 ' number from this scripture. It may be important - it may not.

What - just what would make ALL 70 NATIONS ....all 70.....UNITE and then come against Israel? Quite possibly a so-called Peace Conference - organised, pushed ahead and supported, financed and politicized by none other than Barack Hussein Obama - who knows his time is short.

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