Fay (8 Jan 2017)
"Urgency Urgency"

Another article about the upcoming "Peace Conference" in Paris. In each and every article I have read about this, the emphasis seems to land on the fact that 70 countries will be represented there. 70 countries - over and over again. Like the news articles are emphasising that this is about the entire world deciding on the Nation of Israel. Such breath-taking ARROGANCE. Such bloody minded, narcissistic PRIDE. They are mind numbingly ignorant. They obviously have no idea of the wrath they are bringing on to their own heads. The pain that is about to be suffered, as a result of their revolting conference.All arranged under the banner of "Peace". Smiling as they stab Israel in the back and in the neck and in the heart, telling them that this is a good thing they are doing. Unbelievable. Apparently, (quoted from the article) " A day after the Paris meeting, the EU's Foreign Affairs Council, comprising the ministers of the 28 EU countries, is scheduled to meet in Brussels and may also issue a statement on the Middle East. In addition, the principals of the Mideast Quartet - made up of the US, Russia, the EU and the UN - may also meet for one last meeting before US President, Barack Obama, leaves office."

This is a very peculiar conference. The timing is astonishing. The subject is bizarre, considering everything else the world is contending with.....like.... oh, I don't know.... war with each other!! Why the focus on Israel? Why not Damascus? Syria is where all the fighting is going on, pitching the world powers against each other. NOW - they band together to condemn Israel and divide God's land? This is supernatural.......... because it sure doesn't make a jot of earthly sense.

The so-called Palestinians - Daesh (Isis) and all the Arab nations will take this as a green light to attack Israel. To kill and slaughter Jews and gobble up the Holy Land. I can see this happening quickly - most likely before Zero leaves office. After Obama leaves office, he does not have the power to command armies. Once Trump is inaugurated, he will NOT approve and help the Arab nations in their destruction of Israel. He will launch into immediate damage control to save Israel. Therefore - these people will have to act fast.

As a final P.S. before you access the link - isn't it peculiar that Zero has brought back all the US ships -  removed them from the Middle East? Someone is expecting something, don't you think?? Yes - 70 nations may be getting together to verbally condemn Israel, acting as the world in unison - but they will use their dogs of war, mercenaries, uneducated louts, killers and murderers to do the majority of their dirty work. Nathan's prophecy told us so much. He said that ALL 70 NATIONS would rise up against Israel. ALL 70 NATIONS. Ponder on this. It is profound.

May Almighty God deal with these arrogant, evil people. Israel is YOUR Land, Almighty God. Israel are YOUR people, Almighty God.