Carl Worline (8 Jan 2017)
"Thinking Out Loud About Something Strange"


Thinking Out Loud About Something Strange


The Sign of the Woman from Revelation 12 will take place in the heavens on September 23, 2017.  Virgo will be clothed in the sun and the crescent moon will be at the feet of Virgo.  This happens once each year.  However, this year Venus, Mercury, and Mars will join the 9 prominent stars of the constellation Leo to form the garland of 12 stars described in Revelation 12.  At the same time, Jupiter, the King planet, will have emerged from the belly of Virgo after being there 42 weeks (9 months plus 21 days) which is equivalent to a long term human pregnancy.  This alignment last occurred on August 5, 3915 BC (on the Gregorian calendar) and it will not happen again, at least for quite a few thousand years.


August 5, 3915 BC was 5,932 years ago as we count time today with a year that is 365 days long.  On the Biblical calendar of 360 days in a year, this alignment in the heavens happened 6,017 biblical years ago.  Many Biblical scholars believe this is around the time when Adam and Eve walked upon the earth.


I wonder.  Could God have used this Great Sign to mark the beginning of mankind about 6,000 years ago and will He use it again to mark the end of the Age of Grace for mankind?


There is something about the unevenness of the number 6,017 that catches my attention.  God is always so precise in all that He does, just like the finest Swiss watch.  Those extra 17 years must be there for a purpose.


Once again I wonder.  Are the seemingly extra 17 years a subtle hint pointing at the year 2017??? 


Only time will tell.


Carl Worline