Bob Ware (8 Jan 2017)
"'Circle of Time' within Circle of Tetrads to Rosh Hashanah 5778 yields different gematrias for Jesus Christ"

I placed my 'Circle of Time' within the circle where the circumference is the 24,998 days from 4.12.1949 (first tetrad eclipse) to 9.20.2017 (Rosh Hashanah 5778).
When I drew a radius line from the center of these circles through 1.24.2017 (on my inner 'Circle of Time') it stopped at 8.2.2010 (on the outer circle). These two dates are 2368 inclusive days apart.
As we know, 2368 is the Greek gematria of 'JESUS CHRIST'.
I discovered a second connection between Jesus Christ and 1.24.2017.
There are 473 inclusive dates from 1.24.2017 to 5.11.2018 and 240 inclusive dates from 1.24.2017 to 9.20.2017.
        The sum of these two arcs in my diagram spans a total of 713 inclusive dates.
                713 is the sum of the first 22 prime numbers and 713 is also the Prime Number Gematria of 'JESUS CHRIST'.
The prime factoring of 473 is: 11 x 43. 1143 is the sum of the ASCII codes for 'Jesus Christ'.

From 240 to 473 there are 234 Inclusive Values.
Note: the 240 inclusive dates between 1.24.2017 and the last day around my 'Circle of Time' (5.11.2018) is the radius of the seven circles that fit perfectly within the 'Circle of Time'.