1 Cor 10:31 (29 Jan 2017)
"thanks Rene & all who pray"

I’m a week behind, but still wanted to say thanks…

For the prayers….. greatly appreciated!!


He (neighbor)  is STILL AT IT!!!!   And I don’t think is EVER going to stop unless the Lord stops him.   RE: http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/jan2017/1cor1031-11.htm



In fact, every week there’s a LARGE HAUL that his grown daughter & SIL haul off…. (super huge trailer)


What is really, REALLY strange:  there was a grass fire in our neighborhood today – the grass burnt at THREE HOUSES, going up to each house!!!   (some how miraculously didn’t burn the actual houses)  but while a lot of the neighbors were popping outside their homes to rubber neck, I went down to talk to one neighbor to help calm her, the one whose yard was burning – and looked across the street….. and there stood the thieving neighbor staring at it all – and grinning super wide from ear to ear!!!!!!!  BIG SUPER WIDE SMILE ON HIS FACE the whole entire time!!


I found that to be over the top CREEPY to tell you the truth!!!!!



I mean absolutely no one else – was smiling or laughing…… NO SANE PERSON DOES THAT!!  -- can’t help at least WONDER in the back of my mind if he was some how in on even setting the fires?????   Guess we won’t know till we’re in heaven’s courts.  But I just can’t figure out that big grin on his face!!


From what I’ve said, you’d think he was mentally ill….. but no, demon possessed is more like it!!!  And his grown daughter whose in on it – she was even a news broadcaster for a local station for a short while!!  (so.. a professional..)  So these people are not the dregs of society or anything remotely close.  They just present such a good cover…. Going to the First Laodician Church Sunday after Sunday!!  I know they play in the orchestra, perhaps even teach Sunday School for all I know… (?)

Friends, I simply do not have evidence to go to the police!!  If I tell only what I know so far, they’re going to think I’m the one off my rocker.  In fact, years ago I was told by police right to my face when someone was threatening my husband’s life:  that UNTIL he (the perpetrator)  actually “DOES” something, we have nothing to arrest him on.


Se-la-vi!  Insane world, yes??!!



Move?  Oh yeah I’d definitely like to move.  But honestly in today’s evil age, we might end up somewhere with someone even worse!!!!


Best we all just keep petitioning heaven to let us move “NORTH”!!!!!!!    (to heaven!!)

         ~~ the sooner the better!!!  AMEN??!!


Thank you again for praying.  It is greatly, greatly appreciated!!   We must be rattling satan’s cage some how/ some way for him to keep after us like this….. I’m thanking the Lord for giving us a hedge of protection.  It’s by His grace, and His grace alone that we’re still here & moving forward.