Rene (25 Jan 2015)
"the new Movie - Left Behind?"

I saw the movie remake of  Left Behind (with Nicholas Cage). In my personal opinion, the FIRST one was much better, including the acting, the color, the backgrounds, the settings, EVERYTHING!  Throughout this entire movie, all the scenes looked like there was glare from the sun (or cameras everywhere), even in the cockpit of the plane and in the passenger sections. Many of the scenes were just plain fuzzy, like you had to strain to see what was going on. The entire thing was more about the passengers in the plane freaking out, the plane running short of fuel and trying to land than anything else, and Chloe with heavy duty equipment single-handedly down on the ground trying to clear a roadway for her dad to land the plane. The ending to the first movie was so much better where Chloe's dad came home to find his wife and little boy missing from their home. Even the part where they shared scenes with the pastor of their church and they were all praying --None of that was in this newer movie. It was totally disappointing. I also think that Kirk Cameron did a much better acting job playing Buck than the actor in this 2nd version. The actress who played the part of Hattie was better in the first version too, and the ones who played Raymie and Irene. The first one just seemed "real" to me. The actors just seemed more genuine. This re-make - uh-uh. I didn't like the way it ended at all.  It is perhaps God's way of warning that the rapture is exactly one year away maybe - because it was released on feast of Atonement in 2014.  I believe God does use common everyday movies and events as warnings to those who are about to be left behind!  Not to mention all the other thousands of SIGNS out there that HE is at the DOOR!!!  Just my take.