Luis Vega (25 Jan 2015)
"Bible Codexes - Revelation for the Last Days"

Messages for the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel


by Luis B. Vega for online PDF article to download

‘As for me (Daniel), I heard but could not understand; so I said, My Lord, what will be the outcome of these events? And he said, Go your way, Daniel, for these words are concealed and sealed up until the End Time.’ -Daniel 12:8-9


The link will take you to the lengthy paper analyzing the Bible code phenomenon. The paper is taken from the core study of the book by the same title. The paper suggests that perhaps such messages in the form of ‘codes’ found within the Bible text or scroll itself are what the Angel of YHVH told the Prophet Daniel that it would be what was to be unveiled now as these are the Last Days to warn the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel. This study is only meant to contribute to the Bible code debate by presenting new matrices for examination and commentary from the work of code searcher Matthew Wright.


The format and presentation of its content will have more of a philosophical approach at the explanation of the Bible code phenomena. There will be a brief synopsis given of the origins of the Bible codes in the modern era that have been made only possible due to the advent of the personal computer and software for Bible code searching. This study will consider the evolution of code searching practices that have been dramatically improved and refined since the first microchip processors of the personal computers became common.


The study will examine examples of how the Creator used ‘codes’ as prophecy in the case of prophetic messages in the Bible. These instances clearly will demonstrate that YHVH used, uses and will use codes to communicate judgment and/or warnings encoded within the Bible. This study will emphasize the on-going debate and present the new Bible code matrices that this study strongly suggests are prophetic messages that are in line with conventional known Biblical prophecy.

The Bible Codexes presented will be shown that they are in line with prophetic understanding already revealed to the Prophets in the Old Testament and given to the Church of Christ in the New Testament. Such codes could very well constitute the warning to the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel in these Last Days. The purpose of all Biblical prophecy is to testify of Jesus Christ the ultimate ‘Bible code’ according to Revelation 19:10. The true test of the Bible codes as a possible extension of Biblical prophecy is that the Bible codes should lead a reader to Jesus Christ to a greater and deeper appreciation of the Living Word.

The following link will take you to the Code section were the book The Revelation in the Bible Codexes can be purchased that includes over 100 code matrices that are annotated with summaries. The entire PDF code matrix files, to date can also be requested.

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