Judith (25 Jan 2015)
"Is Jesus Coming in March & September Simultaneously Possible?"

Is Jesus Coming in March & September Simultaneously Possible?

According to the 'Calendar Study'that I've posted here on 5-
Doves, which shows the two time-lines, the 360/yr. and the
365.25/yr., start and end on two differing dates. I believe this
is how it could work - the Rapture could be in March on the
365.25/day this year (2015)while the 2nd coming at the end of
the Tribulation will be in September.

As of March 14/15,2015 on today's 365.25 calendar there is approx-
imately 5 months (+ the 90 yrs.) difference between the two calendars.  
In fact, March 15 translates to Aug. 6 on the 360/day calendar.

However, after the 7 years of tribulation there will be another
differing change - instead of there being 5 months as it is now,
at the end of the tribulation September 10 (Yom Kipper)on the
360/day would translate to March 14 (Passover) on the 365.25/day

Therefore, it is possible for Jesus to come in both months.

Something to consider.