Judith (25 Jan 2015)
"Rapture & Jacob's Trouble - Linking it all together"

The missing links.........

                                                RAPTURE - TRIBULATION
                                                     CALENDAR STUDY   
                                               LINKING IT ALL TOGETHER

                                                   JACOB'S TROUBLE

                                7 YEARS OF PLENTY - 7 YEARS OF FAMINE
                                         THE RAPTURE - TRIBULATION

                                                 On the 360/day calendar
                   7/yrs. Plenty                                                          7 yrs. Famine                                                         
                                               Rapture     &     Tribulation

       2245........Jacob - Stolen Blessing............2252..........Jacob Marries Leah
+         51                                                          +        51
--------------                                                        ---------------
      2296------ End Plenty                                    2303--------End Famine
+   1996                                                            1996
-------------                                                         ---------------
      4292                                                                4299
  1996                                                            1996         
-------------                                                         ---------------
     6288------Rapture -  yr, 2015 Mar.              6295------- End Tribulation                    
                      or April.  +5 or 6 mos. for                                +5 or 6 mos.
                      Tribulation Aug. or Sept.                                End Tribulation 6295.5

                                               On the 365.25/day calendar  

    2212.7.......Jacob - Stolen Blessing.........2219.6..........Jacob Marries Leah
+      50.3        Birth-right & flight.             +        50.3
--------------                                                     -----------------
    2263---------End Plenty                                2269.9---------End Famine  
1967.3                                                      +    1967.3
--------------                                                     ----------------  
    4230.3                                                             4237.2
+ 1967.3                                                       +    1967.3
--------------     +5 or 6 mos.                        ----------------       +5 or 6 mos.
   6197.6........Rapture-Mar. or April               6204.5-------End Trib. Mar.
                       2015 (6198)                                                      2022 (6205)

NOTE:  6288.5  on  the 360/day =  6198 on the 365.25/day.
             6295.5  on  the 360/day =  6205 on the 365.25/day.                                                         

Look at this:  If 6288 -  6198 is the year for the Rapture and Tribulation to
start, then this should WOW you!

                                                  6288  =   Yr. of Rapture/Trib.

                                              -     622  =   Yr. Enoch (who was Raptured) born.
                                                  5666  =   The yrs. from Enoch to the AC?

The 1996 year has been dispersed throughout the study, but now I'd like
to tie it all together.  I've shown some of the following out of sequence,
but here it will make better sense as I wrap up this segment of the study.
By seeing it all together with the above you will be amazed - at least I was.

The 1996 year and 1967 year is first mentioned in the genealogy record in
Genesis as being the death of Peleg ( means division - disperse).  The 1967
date is familiar to us - our 1967 when Israel won the battle for Jerusalem.
The 1996 yr. is on the 360 while the 1967 yr. is on the 365.25 yr.

      2245   -   Jacob stolen blessing/birth-right
+   1996
     4241   -   Jesus - conception.

    2259    -   Joseph born. Jacob's flight. Jacob named Israel.
    4255    -   Jesus 12  yrs. in Temple (March).

    2296    -   End 7 yrs. plenty.
    4292   -    Ends 50 yrs. from birth of Jesus - a Jubilee year.

    1996   -    Peleg dies.
+      12
    2008   -    Abraham born.
   2303    -    End Famine

    2008   -    Abraham born.
    4275   -   Jesus Crucified
+      12
   6295    -   End Trib.
    3720   -    End Babylon Captivity.
+  2520   -    End Exodus
    6240   -    1996 yr. on 360/day - our 1967.3 on the 365.25/day.

Last, but not least..............

    2245   -   Jacob stolen blessing, birth-right and flight.  
+  4050
    6295   -   JUBILEE YEAR!!

This ends the 1996 / 1967 segment of this study.


Some misc. cycles/parallels:

      2155   -   Eber (1st Hebrew) dies.
+    2120   -   Abraham to sacrifice Issac - Begin 400 yrs.
------------       (See Calendar Study)
      4275   -   Jesus Crucified.

     2107   -    God promises Abraham a son.
+   2168   -   Jacob born
     4275   -   Jesus crucified.

    2245    -   Jacob stolen blessing, birth-right and flight.
+      51
   2296    -    Ends Plenty.
+ 1948    -    Israel Nation - our 1948 yr.
   4244    -    Begin count on our current calendar to 6295.
+     51         Our 2015 yr. count began on 4183 yr.
   6295   -     End Tribulation.


All of our end-time Bible researchers, watchers and "guesstimators"  - (that's what I
call us), have the same goal - to try and identify the most likely time for the Rapture/
Tribulation - and I'm happy to be one of them.

Just so you know, I realize you're getting all of this piece-meal, but then so am I.
I'm just learning as I go along - and there seems to be so much more, but I know
I couldn't handle it all at once. Talk about learn as you go.  That's true for all of us -
isn't it?

What we have today is an abundance of conflicting historical and current dating
material, I can't claim that my discoveries have proven anything, but I can tell you that
there is sufficient information leading to a possible confirmation of this study.  I trust
that what I have presented and continue to present will be helpful in trying to achieve
our goal.

From the time we've begun this exciting and rewarding work, many of us have
stumbled and failed along the way many times, not to mention the many laughs and
jeers - still, we persevere don't we?  I just love all the watchers and researchers and
believe God is well pleased with all our efforts, and I'd like to say a big thank you to
all of you who have contributed to this on-going effort.  It's amazing to me how we can
be an offense to our fellow christian brothers and sisters.  Shortly though, we'll be in
our new glorified heavenly bodies, united together - one with Christ in perfect love and

Previously, in the ongoing Calendar Study, I've shared a lot of information pertaining
to the ground-work in developing a believable time-line.  Beginning from Adam, and
using the geneology record from scripture - this study is based upon a perpetual
360/365.25 day year.  Without those two time-lines working together, it's impossible
to form a legitimate, verifiable dating system from our beginnings to present time, IMO.
Also, by way of explanation, the current "Jewish Calendar" has it's own relevance and
I'm not discounting it's importance, but it really doesn't factor in to the study that I'm

One of the keys in tying this study together is the frequency of the parallel time-lines
along with the repeated cycles - primarily from one major historical event to another.
I've presented a lot of this type of dating sequences up to now, however, there are
more that I'd like for you to consider.  These are what I call the "missing links" to the
study.  They've been "missed", but now discovered and I believe extremely helpful
in establishing our final determination as to the year of the Rapture/Tribulation - not
necessarily the precise day, however.

Up to now I've given explanations for why the extension of the 6,000 years in the
study.  One is the difference of opinion in Abraham's birth - 2008, not 1948.  1948
was the birth of Terah's first-born - not that of Abrahams as shown in Acts 7:1-6
which shows Terah as being 130 yrs. of age when Abraham was born.  Terah,
was born in 1878 + 130 = 2008 That 130 yrs. interval is interesting too since Adam
was 130 yrs. of age when Shem was born - which is the beginning of the lineage that
is given in Matthew for Jesus. Then another 130 yr. interval with Jacob.........he was
130 yrs. old when he went into Egypt during the captivity.  It's all right there in the Bible.

Here's an example of the 295 yr. cycle - Abram born in 2008 + 295 yrs. = 2303 = the
end the famine.  Then there's Peleg (whose name means "division"), born in 1757 +
4242 = Jesus' birth = 6000 + 295 = 6295 = end trib.  Peleg 1757 + 295 = 2053 =
Abram departs to Caanan.

Then there is the time-line for the Judges which is revealed in Acts 13:20-21 as being
450 years.   However, the 450 years doesn't include the times they were without
Judges and under the "oppression" for their disobedience.  It is impossible to determine
that amount of time precisely, but we do have a clue.  I believe it has to do with the 490
yr. cycle, and since it was "480" yrs. after  the  Exodus, the building of "Solomon's
temple" in the "480" yr. doesn't fit unless we utilize the 490/yr. year cycle.  That particular
cycle began with Jacob as shown in the the 490/lyr. Jubilee Cycle study.  So, after 490
years which began with Jacob, we have another cycle of 490 yrs. only  the time of
Solomon and the building of the temple begins in the 480th yr. rather than the 490th
which is interesting because with the addition of 20 years would bring it to the year of
the dedication of the temple at the "feast of tabernacles" - that is  when the ark is placed
in the temple with the arrival of the "Shekinah Glory" and that would be the 500th yr. -
a Jubilee year. This gives some reasoning for the additional 295 years on the 360/day
calendar - 205 on the 365.25/day calendar.

I've posted this before but a a reminder here it is again.......


In the Calendar Study a time-line is given for the building of Solomon's temple.  In
1 Kings 6:1 it says "In the four hundred and eightieth year AFTER the Israelites
had come out of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel in the month
of Ziv, the second month, he began to build the temple of the Lord", KJV.

We have two options as to how we calculate the number of years -

1.  Beginning FROM the Exodus.

2.  Or sometime "AFTER" the Exodus to the 4th yr. of Solomon's reign

The verse in 1 Kings 6:1 doesn't say FROM but rather "AFTER".  Therefore, we can
conclude it was sometime after they arrived/left Mt. Sinai that the 480th year begins.

They left Sinai in the 2nd year; 40 years in the wilderness; 5 years for distribution of
the land.

After those years follows  40 yrs. for Eli (1st Samuel 4:18); then about 20 yrs. for
Samuel, 40 yrs. for Saul as King; 40 yrs. for King David;  finally 4 yrs. for Solomon.  
Totaling 191 years.

There was a length of time when there was oppression and when Judges didn't rule.
Those time-lines are difficult if not impossible to figure, however, Acts 13:20-21 tells
us that the time for the Judges was "450 years".  In addition, there was a length of
time when there was no King and everyone did as he pleased (Judges 21:25).  No
specific time is mentioned, but there came a time when the people asked God for a
King and God gave them Saul.

I believe the 480th year is related to the 490 years (70x7)."

The  following time-line is after Israel entered the land and after the land divisions:

    2567    -  5 yrs. completes the dividing of the land - add the following to Solomons
      450    -  Years for Judges - Acts 13:20-21
        61    -  Years without Judges or a King - Judges 21:25
     140     -  Eli; Samuel; Saul; David
+       4     -  In the 4th yr. of Solomon's reign he begins the temple.

     655    -  Total years from division of land.

  3222    -  Begin Temple in the 480th year.which began in yr. 2742 at the end of the
                  490 years from Jacob (2252)

Well, that's it for now.  Hope this was a blessing.



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