Joe Chappell (25 Jan 2015)

Dear Doves, 
On Sunday morning after Christmas, I woke about 3am from a very vivid dream . In the Dream, I was in a large room, and there were a lot of people. It seemed llike a press conference.  Most people were sitting in rows of chairs, and all faced the front. Some people were standing on the sides of the room and some were standing in the front. The President was in the front, standing towards the side, and very near where I sat.  
Suddenly there was a commotion, and Obama was angry.  He turned his back to the people seated, and took a gun from someone who was near him.  There was a struggle of some sort. He held the gun out to his far right, and he was so close to me, that I could see that it was a large revolver and loaded. I could even see the bullets in the cylinder. 
Now  there were armed men everywhere. They all had drawn guns and pointed them in every direction.  Everyone froze, including the President, with the gun extended out from his body. Someone took the gun from his hand, and he did not struggle to hold on to it.
Now during all this, it seemed like everyone had their phones out and were videoing everything that was happening. Now the armed men demanded everyone give up their phones, and began to go around and take them. People struggled to hang on to their phones, but all the phones were confiscated. 
Now I looked, and against one wall, was a line of people on their knees. facing the wall.  They were all praying, and seemed not affected by the commotion. Some seemed to be wearing prayer shawls which covered their head and shoulders. Now people began to leave the room, but not the prayer people. Everyone left the room and only the kneeling people stayed. 
I woke up, and actually decided not to submit this to fivedoves. It was so disturbing. Then I decided to type it.