Jean Stepnoski (25 Jan 2015)
"Aaron Rogers: Choices for Eternity"


   Guess what, dear Doves, I am a Green Bay Packers fan. Was there a meltdown of the team in the second half of the playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks on 1-18-2015, only 6 points added to the 16 during the first half? The second half was terrible, distressing, and depressing. Aaron and the offense contributed 6 points in the game. Mason Crosbie, the special teams kicker, contributed 16 points, one point after and 5 of 5 field goals in rain, a wet field, and a 16 mile per hour wind wind. His contributions were amazing, since many of his field goals were about 50 yards or more. Has something disturbed me far more than the defeat and season's end? Yes. It concerns Aaron Rogers and a gesture, a hand signal, he chose to give the Packer fans after the end of the game at Lambeau Field on 1-11-2015 against the Dallas Cowboys. It was part of Fox Network televised coverage, for many to see.
   After Aaron Rogers left the playing field, the hallowed tundra at Lambeau Field, he was near the tunnel when he gave the fans some final post game recognition. It was the farewell to the Green Bay Packer fans at home turf and to the games of the 2014-15 Season at home field by quarterback and offensive team leader Aaron Rogers. What was the gesture, the hand signal he chose, before he disappeared from view into the tunnel? Was it a thumbs up? No. Was it the "discount double check" for the fans? No. Did he wave? No. Did he point to Heaven with one finger? No. Did he blow a kiss? No. He raised his right hand and arm to make a gesture, highly symbolic, and common to people at rock concerts. He gave the hail satan hand signal. Was it meant to be hip and cool? Or did he very publicly and unmistakably intend to honor, praise, and thank Satan? Or both? Fox also showed a clip of Rogers with a double handed hail satan hand gesture after another game.
   Satan is a lousy master, coach, or inspiration. He wants to steal, kill, and destroy both bodies and souls. Christ said that Satan was a liar and a murderer from the beginning and that in Satan there is no truth. Satan has power, to tease along with a few gifts, but he always takes away much more than he seems to bestow on his followers. Satan is the king of sucker punch betrayers. Will the Packers ever go to another Super Bowl? If hail satan hand gestures to fans continue at Lambeau Field, by Aaron Rogers or other team players or coaches, perhaps there will be no more Super Bowls for the Green Bay Packers. Things from the spiritual world of things unseen, of spiritual combat and powers, are well worth considering and remembering. Gestures displayed, before thousands or millions of people to see, to honor those from the pit of hell, avail no one anything good. Neither an MVP or fans, or anyone. It is wise to not dabble in powers unknown of the dark side. Hand signals. Symbolic declarations. A life. A soul. The soul of Aaron Rogers is priceless to Christ. Aaron has daily important choices to make, personal and professional. Who will be the Master of the eternal soul of Aaron Rogers? I will hope and pray it will be entrusted to Christ, rather than to Satan. I care about what happens to Aaron in his current life, and his life to come. Time is fleeting until the hour of trial begins for "the earth dwellers" as they are called in the Book of Revelation. Eternity beckons. For Aaron Rogers. And for us, each and all.
With Love and Shalom,